09 November, 2012

Mania Nightmare: Schizophrenia Boarderline

The mind was overloaded.
Anxiety and agitation set in.
Personality split and anger took over.

One mind split in two, a mania nightmare-

Control and control
Wants the mind of the calm side,
But it can only watch the other.

Anger plays out,
Rejoins calm, and the normal
Manic-depression arises again.

No anxiety, or agitation
No where to go now but down.

The mind full of hurt,
Downward cycle begins, and sends
The mind soon, curled in a ball.

A life time of normal, a rollercoaster  ride
But the end of each cycle, normal again.

 copyright Denise A White 11/9/2012 (revised6/22/2013)

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