10 July, 2018



Chaos plays a vinyl record
of black, tiny grooves,
memories of a lost past
the needle scratches louder
and cuts through memory
again and again until rhe demise

As chaos churs, no stop to a tsunami.


03 July, 2018

Meet Me For Coffee

Meet Me For Coffee

Meet me for coffee-
to whisper
or by the ocean-
it calls

Meet me in a garden-
it speaks
or on the porch-
to rock

Meet me for a talk about life.
Meet me my friend,
meet me my friend.

29 June, 2018

By The Sea

I live where the continent meets the sea, with the waves of calm,
the air so clean, and the sky so blue.
Where rain is not rain. Where the fog rules the day.
Here it calms the mind, and stimulates the heart.
It’s a writer’s paradise, a photographers dream, and an artists pallet.
This is where I live and will remain.

21 June, 2018

Class Society

Class Society

Dark hole surrounds me
fell in at birth
to find
money and self pulled me out.

Hard work, with no assistance
clawed at those ahead of me
steps, an invisible ladder
only to find a glass ceiling.

Harassment at turns on the spiral
as I moved upward
self grew stronger
passed over, born in the dark

If only a crack in society existed for me.