15 June, 2015

Death: Escaped Inmates

As the dark, stifling night time comes slowly creeping in,
As the day has gone as dark as a new moon,
Shadows on the wall warn you, of what
Must come to pass too soon.

The time of the hidden swamp creatures that sing,
Deep in the bowels of the night, blacken the
Waters within the heart, running
Pebbles on the spine.

As the shadows on the wall stop still, as the
Creatures' song fades gray, a voice
In a head says, "Now," a shot
Heard not so far away.

The moon takes on a crescent shape, as it
Reflects the sun's rising light, the song
Of the night has fallen quiet, a
Bugle is tapped.

Copyright Denise A White

22 April, 2015

The Photograph

Seeing the sound of mist
In your eyes
Telling the taste of rain
To your ears
Using the senses to portray
Love of life-

This is the photograph.

Copyright Denise A White

06 April, 2015

Wandering To Home

Fly like white-winged butterfly.
Paris is my choice.
Flit to the Eiffel Tower
Lite now lightly on the top
Looking down on humankind

Fly like an iridescent-blue winged butterfly.
Hawaii is my choice.
Flit to a sail-topped boat
Brush its tip, fly on and on
Amazing humankind

Fly like black-winged butterfly
Home is my choice
Flit to the azalea bush
Landing and staying
Accepting of humankind

Copyright Denise A White

04 April, 2015


Mocking Bird singing
Songs of joy in the sunshine
April voices heard

Copyright Denise A White