22 October, 2014


sun at your back, sun
In your eyes
issues are like a bright day
You are blind .

deliver a song
Or bitter taste of the coffee bean
harmonize with the birds
Or drink of the poison fruit.

Clearly you have a choice.

02 October, 2014

Soulful Train

Nightfall tiptoed in
A double rainbow
Announced it.
Pinks, purples filled
My eyes, as the night
Fell inside.

Lights burst on fire
Squinting my brow
Seeing contents.
Dropping chili blinds
Night disappeared out
Pre nightfall, the room
Ran inside.

Feeling closed in, a
Sound from beyond
Opens up.
A soulful train whistle
Pierced ears opening
Nightfall inside.

07 September, 2014

Going Forward

Like a hovering butterfly, sleep
Eludes me, until the dawn of day.
Running through my being
Anxiety prickles inside me.
Like a rushing waterfall in spring
My health is deteriorating by night.
Showing in my hands
Nerves cause a shake.

As the disease in my brain takes over
I learn to cope with the consequences.

Copyright Denise A White

06 September, 2014

Brain Waves: A Cyclic Phenomenon

The wind
Comes racing
Churning up the blue, blue sky.

Blue sky
Turns suddenly
Dark with the thunder head clouds.

Dark clouds
Settle inside my
Very changeable essence.

Essence of doubt
Tingling my taut body
Giving me a sense of anxiety.

Anxiety subsides
As the tornadic storm
Moves into a catatonic state.

Copyright Denise A White