03 February, 2016


Quietness, meditation
Focusing mind.
Attentiveness abounds.

The cane basket's story
Comes creeping.
Concentrate and it flows.

Revealed words wait
On page.

Wrapped form
Listen, block
Outside noise.

Stillness abounds.

Copyright Denise A White

29 January, 2016

At Old Age

Smell the earth
In the stormy wind
Fragrance of tilled ground

See the flight
Of geese overhead
Land provides their haven

Taste the air
So vibrant and fresh
Cumulus clouds afloat
Trees. Of Old-photo by Denise A White

Hear the engines
Tractors throaty roar
Stalks spill their food

Senses tell a story
Older than edgy rocks
Years go melting away

Copyright Denise A White

18 January, 2016

The Corner

A wood door with an old-fashioned iron handle,
The kind you press the release with your thumb,
Is open.
Someone took the flowered carpet up
Exposing unblemished wood floors.
There is a window, twelve panes, but
It doesn't invite you to look out.
Cloudy white light barely spreads the wood floors.
It is in this empty corner, by the window I stand.

Someones brings me a green chair, it matches my shoes.
It is the only color in the room.
I place it by the murky window and pretend to look out.
Silent with my memories, they can't get me to talk.
So they leave, closing the door and I am left with my thoughts
As I try to look out the window,
I sit in the chair, in the corner of the room.

Copyright Denise A White

14 January, 2016


Why it comes, we do not know-
Yet in our heart be glad,
For if it were not so
Another fate was had.

Copyright Denise A White
On The Horizon
Photo by Denise A White