28 July, 2015


The air surrounds me
like a bog shrouded in fog.
Airs dew, clammy skin.

Copyright Denise A White

25 July, 2015

Oranges In The Sky

The pallor of illness
Shines through your feverish
Reflection of the sun
Bursting on the horizon to
Journey through
The night as I revolve around you.

Like heat lightning
Breaking through  the black horizon
You are still aglow
Striking out now with a burst
But there is no sound
Just the angry orange ring around

Your face as it settles into a line of darkness.

03 July, 2015

A Cry in the Night

Thrashing, kicking, calling
Out for help-

Falling into a bottomless pit
Landing in the middle of a nightmare

Way out, there is a way out-

Reach for the phone
Automatically dial-
Still not awake.

Help, help, help
A voice answers-

Turn on the light.

Oh, that hurts, but
The nightmare continues.

Calling my name-
Over, over from the phone.

Finally answer with their name,
One last statement-

You're awake-

15 June, 2015

Death: Escaped Inmates

As the dark, stifling night time comes slowly creeping in,
As the day has gone as dark as a new moon,
Shadows on the wall warn you, of what
Must come to pass too soon.

The time of the hidden swamp creatures that sing,
Deep in the bowels of the night, blacken the
Waters within the heart, running
Pebbles on the spine.

As the shadows on the wall stop still, as the
Creatures' song fades gray, a voice
In a head says, "Now," a shot
Heard not so far away.

The moon takes on a crescent shape, as it
Reflects the sun's rising light, the song
Of the night has fallen quiet, a
Bugle is tapped.

Copyright Denise A White