14 May, 2016

Even When (Haikus)

Phone calls in the night
Scare me even when I wake
Ring tones are a must

Train whistle at night
Wakes me in a crazy dream
Even when I have plugs

Even when we cuddle
I break out in a cold sweat
You, my protector

Even when I deep sleep
Even when I know it's not real
Even when my heart stops

02 May, 2016

Come In

Sitting in your car
you brood over
going in,
Your heaving chest tells you,
later, later but,
your head
says go.

I crave your touch.
I wonder if
Little did I realize
that you were
outside my

30 April, 2016

Moon's Purpose

I will send you my love on the moon.
Be it crescent, gibbous, or full,
I will slide over it's curves,
into your awaiting arms.

I will send you my love on the moon.
As I gaze upon its face,
I will love you always
In all ways.

Copyright Denise A White

25 April, 2016

Cyclic Phenomenon

The wind from
dark, black clouds
kills the blue, blue sky.

The ominous thunderheads
drop the destructive vortex, that spins
like my violent, uncontrolled, tornadic actions.

Quietly the wind lifts the silent
dead sounds of the tornado's end.
Like the cat creeps, I move into a catatonic state.

Copyright Denise A White