24 February, 2015

One Stands Tall

Across time's barrier
With a whisper on toes
A message, sad on the ears
Could it be...

A shape is forming across a fence
With the slightest breezz it unfolds.

Drawing arms around the shape,
Feels like a friend, comfortable in a moment.
Why are you sad, rejoice-
I am here...

A bond of a million years
Is felt in the great hug.

Time has been breeched by
unconditional love

Denise A White

                                         One stands tall on the landscape waiting....
                                                                      photo by
                                                             Denise A White

20 February, 2015


As the sun kisses the sky
In early mornings light
So do I brush your lips
With mine.

As the pink comes to bloom
In early mornings light
So do I caress your face
With my hand.

As the  desert life  springs alive
In early mornings light
So do I wake you easily
With my touch.

15 February, 2015

22 January, 2015


Gently slicing into your bitterness,
I peel around your red skin,
And cut out your core.

The air on your snow white fruit,
Distracts from your beauty,
Turning you brown.

I disgard parts of you,
Like you are a piece
Of garbage..

Biting, chewing, spitting out the brown
Softness that has gathered,
I eat of your fruit.

Copyright Denise A White