16 July, 2014


Sit still
words fail

Relax, quite,
silence surrounds

Ignore sounds
blank inside

No thought
muse enters

Pay attention
writing overtakes

Copyright Denise A White

17 June, 2014


Truth, like the wind
A fleeting moment in time
Believe in the rain that follows
Would the wound heal in the summer sun?

A bluebird still sings
A melody carried forth in the day
When the sun springs forth with healing rays
The heart mends, truth sank in, going forth on a rainbow.

Copyright Denise A White

07 June, 2014


Morning dew settles
A sweet kiss on my white face
Spring has come to stay

Copyright Denise A White

07 May, 2014

If I Could Fly

If I could fly
would I still live here or would
I find a better place because I could?

If I could fly
would I consult my mind
or my heart for guidance there?

If I could fly
I know my mind holds the
dream, but my heart holds the soul.

Risk is the journey of the soul.

If I could fly
I would like to to think one follows
the heart to that better place that the mind dreams.

If I could fly
I know my gut is always right, because
my mind can play tricks and my heart can be blind.

If I could fly
I would be out of my comfort zone and
step out to new possibilities that provide a great journey.

That's just the way life is.

copyright Denise A White
Across the island filled water to the beyond.-Denise A White