24 September, 2016


Rays of sunshine
caress your saggy breasts.
Awed by your advanced curves,
I am overwhelmed, and amazed by my love.

Copyright Denise A White


A tongue cuts
the air as if it were
a butter knife,
stroking out the words,
leaving confusion
in its path.

An illusion spreads
a murky illumination of the
meaning of words
that tumble forth across
the frozen

Amazed by the gentle
way the words are presented,
yet confused
by the bitter taste that
is left on the

I will put them together and cry.

Copyright Denise A White

Beat of Life

Adventure is like the wind
running its fingers
through your

Music is like the sun
licking its rays
across your

An adventure without music
is a story without
a punch

Life is an adventure with a beat.

17 September, 2016


Being swept away,
in the arms of late summer,
we will learn to dance
with the wind.

In the sunshine of our lives.

Copyright Denise A White