17 February, 2018



The cardinal rays of the sunset
highlight red hair,
fading blue sky and cumulus clouds
drop filled eyes so blue

Cupids arrow
as distant stars shine through,
sliding down the moon-

A comet burns,
as we disintegrate in space
a new moon,
lost years

We are separated, adrift at sea.

 Denise A White    love • pain

16 February, 2018



unstable, a danger, angry-a few
most of us need to be understood
for we are not that person

don’t put an umbrella over our heads
we are each unique, just like you.

walk the life, see us,
we don’t take guns to kill your children 
we thrive in a community on the inside

It’s no more no less.

03 February, 2018


When the rain came,
a gentle soak,
her dance didn’t waver

When the showers came,
wetter weather soaked,
she twirled her cape around a vertex

A walk in the storm’s rain
tickled her core
nerves, a slow whimper

Eye droplets of
 tears, made her sing.

Copyright Denise A White

24 January, 2018

With Restless Feet

With Restless Feet

Tread on
a path traveled -
stories imprinted
straight on 99 curves

a rock jumps up
the array, curved
blood left behind in
streams and splatter

golden crowns
ragged drapes of clothes
sites mingled,
barbs on the soles-

her story

Copyright Denise A White