06 April, 2015

Wandering To Home

Fly like white-winged butterfly.
Paris is my choice.
Flit to the Eiffel Tower
Lite now lightly on the top
Looking down on humankind

Fly like an iridescent-blue winged butterfly.
Hawaii is my choice.
Flit to a sail-topped boat
Brush its tip, fly on and on
Amazing humankind

Fly like black-winged butterfly
Home is my choice
Flit to the azalea bush
Landing and staying
Accepting of humankind

Copyright Denise A White

04 April, 2015


Mocking Bird singing
Songs of joy in the sunshine
April voices heard

Copyright Denise A White

20 March, 2015

In The Light

I see inside.
I hear outside.
I feel my heart.
I touch the air.

In the light.

Copyright Denise A White

17 March, 2015

In The Dark

I hear with my eyes.
I see with my ears.
I speak with my actions.
I feel with my heart.

In the dark.

Copyright Denise A White