10 September, 2017

Four Sleds Under The Tree

Four Sleds Under The Tree

Twelve years
passed me,
a grownup 

Four children,
out-of-work dad 
tired mom, 
no heat upstairs,
warmth of quilts

Under tree
plucked from woods
four, unfinished, old sleds
four cans of paint to add
smiles burst forth-

The unmatched holiday

08 September, 2017

Hat Daze: Your Heart

Hat Daze: Your Heart

Your Heart

your smile, crooked
twinkled eyes,
found my heart

Rays of adoration radiated towards your children.

Car lover,
ping pong competitor,
life of history,

You shared the bibliography of your beating heart.

26 August, 2017

Darkness In Light

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Darkness In Light

The downward facing
forest shadows,
light at the end of daylight
creeping toward
endless cycle

Tunnel of lights
under the mountain
blasted away
savior at days end
darkness turns to light

At the passing of hands of the clock light's glint rises again.