10 May, 2013


I stand facing you, tormented
with a cloak of secrecy.
Blankly I stare, with a
cluttered mind.

You wonder where I have gone,
so quiet the conversation has
turned.  Perhaps I didn't
hear the question, so
you ask again and
reality once again
connects to the
tangle in my

I answer and everything to you is normal again.
It was just a brain lapse, we all have them, you rationalize.

My cloak of secrecy begins to
unravel and what you see
causes you consternation.
I seem to be not whom
I seem to be.

There is angst on my face, from
where it comes you have no
clue.  Then I instigate a
verbal spar with you,
while I watch from

You don't understand, but
things are as they are-

Beyond the outside.

copyright d.a.white 5/10/2013

1 comment:

  1. This is the title poem to my new poetry book that I am currently working on.-d.a.white