20 June, 2013


She stands there dressed in a linen
Blouse, tangerine scarf, white slacks
With a matching belt, and sandals;
Somewhat fancy, somewhat functional.

She tells you she is full of high anxiety, almost manic.
You don't see it.

She always comes composed, well dressed, and calm,
Yet with an uneasy feeling.  There is nothing more you can do.
No more meds, no more tweaks, nothing.
So you send her on her way, alone, to another.

He is a holistic doctor and maybe he can get to the bottom of it,

The move seems to be good.  Too soon he retires; at 76 that is okay.                                                      

She is sent on her way, alone, to another;
Another new doctor, no,  a pill pusher.

Going backwards, being composed, take meds on time,
Dress and smile.

Copyright Denise A White 6/21/2013

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