20 June, 2016

Nineteen Sixty-six

Young, we were
just a start,
beginning our life

Some married
right away,
some went to college,
while others went to

In nineteen seven-six
we established ourselves
at work
we were coming of age.

Ten, twenty years later
thirty it had been,
children were well on their
way, alone we would

Turned, the century was new
and we had entered our fifties.
Counting now we could see
retirement coming.

In two-thousand sixteen
our lives took on a mission,
we would return to our roots
and join once again in

Older now,
wisdom of age took over.
We saw ourselves as we were and are,
and joyously we remembered.

Copyright Denise A White

On the reunion of the class of 1966 in 2016.

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