05 July, 2016


"You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories."-Garrison Keillor

I tried to answer
the lines on your face.
Deep, furrows of doubt
met my words.

I had no explanation,
no words of wisdom, this time,
that would appease your questioning,
black eyes.

I knew you looked to me,
older and more experienced,
with the ways of the world and
I was sorry.

I was sorry I only had a story
to relate to the hurt that was on your face.
It was old and I had told it many, many times over.
I hoped for the message to shine through.

I told the story
of the young at heart.
Your face relaxed, your eyes smiled.
I knew, then, I did have an answer.

The answer was laid down in the story of life.

Copyright Denise A White

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