28 December, 2017

Come and Gone

Come and Gone

For a second
you were here
in my arms

You came, on the tiptoes of a cat
but camped at my feet

You left me broken.

07 December, 2017


[Paint, Rust, Christmas]

Red paint, gold paint, sled
Rusty, trustworthy runners

03 December, 2017

Hands Of A Clock

Hands Of A Clock

They clap together at twelve,
six-twice a day
a measure of the tides-

These, the cyclic rhythms of a day, week, longer yet still.
Watching the clock move
to rhymes
of my life's bumpy day.
I am twelve.

Keeping pace as I rock
with the round,
never-ending movement
sign language

When the batteries die a vacuum sound is heard, rest.

02 December, 2017

As You Sleep

As You Sleep

I listen to sweet breath
as you-
see another.

The distance between us
has disabled
togetherness for life.

It is my fault, you said,
so -
it is.

As you sleep I wonder if you have left.

13 November, 2017

In Quite Reflection

In Quiet Reflection

A cat cuddles my legs,
maybe someone
could take her place,
I would stroke her.

On a winter night,
at 54 degrees,
I hold your cold
hand in mine.

We hold onto each other
try hard not to
shed tears, least we
seem weak

Tonight we are a vessel
full of photographs
that tiptoe  our dreams

I cuddle with the cat until you are home.


11 November, 2017

[politcal poetry]

Poets write anger
Photograph oceans calmness
A prior stillness

13 October, 2017



Lashed out
physical damage
in my fist-


from afar, created
the part arrested by
my beast

I administer it oxygen to rejoin me.

12 October, 2017

The Silent

The Silent

Night turns on the peepers
the bullfrog croaks
sleep eludes me-

A trains' horn shatters the night.

Shut out sounds
hear and touch in the silence

A basket in view
write the basket weaver's tale

Silent night lets my juices sing.

10 October, 2017

My Love, My Friend

My Love, My Friend

I heard your laugh
stared into blue, blue eyes 
drew you to my side

at my trailer
by the clocks hands
you, still here
not in guest's room

in my bed

Tingles ran throgh my veins
slipped my arm over side

Daylight saw 
years drift by
we grew together
we grew up

took a turn
comunication broke
down as flowers
went brown

I left

Found a friend
strong bond
no distance breaks
you at my side


Violet Ocean

Violent Ocean

Ocean wave at high tide
near Cape Perpetua,
seen with eyes,
it crashes-
erodes volcanic rocks,
churns to butter as it is squeezed
into the narrow passage,
while onlookers stood with cameras,
spout hole, as if on cue
sprays her spout hole 
high into the air

The ocean explodes her might on shore and all too close by the rock she rolls over.

The Boats

Abandoned in a pond
of liles and reeds
moss hangs from
shoreline trees

A sirens call took you into the forest
the boats silent
to the passerby
location not even whispered

The boats make a photograph for tourists.


01 October, 2017

A Call In The Night

Call In The Night

A voice from afar
cried out in the night-
grabed fistfuls of hair 
like a wild boar
eats prey

My skin pebbles at the call in the night.

24 September, 2017

Spoken In The North

Spoken In The North

Breeze blew icey
carried on a tongue,
relayed back to me-
north woman walked

Traveled the circle
life's journey taken,
strength, found-
as wind blew cold

Spoken in the north.

10 September, 2017

Four Sleds Under The Tree

Four Sleds Under The Tree

Twelve years
passed me,
a grownup 

Four children,
out-of-work dad 
tired mom, 
no heat upstairs,
warmth of quilts

Under tree
plucked from woods
four, unfinished, old sleds
four cans of paint to add
smiles burst forth-

The unmatched holiday

08 September, 2017

Hat Daze: Your Heart

Hat Daze: Your Heart

Your Heart

your smile, crooked
twinkled eyes,
found my heart

Rays of adoration radiated towards your children.

Car lover,
ping pong competitor,
life of history,

You shared the bibliography of your beating heart.

26 August, 2017

Darkness In Light

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Darkness In Light

The downward facing
forest shadows,
light at the end of daylight
creeping toward
endless cycle

Tunnel of lights
under the mountain
blasted away
savior at days end
darkness turns to light

At the passing of hands of the clock light's glint rises again.

13 August, 2017

Home Place

Home Place

Washed over with the sun in the east,
the sleep in my eyes,
the cats meow,
early riser

Fragrant cup with a white swirl
passes my smile, and tongue
slowly runs down,
a child on a slide

Advanced age, and health
drowns me in pills,
eggs, bacon, juice

Gray pajamas, color of skin
shuffle through wee hours,
puzzle, pen, white out
favorite wicker chair

My home place, my first place to go.

© right now, Denise A White  

11 August, 2017



Lay hands on djembe's head,
palm beat and finger taps
sing the song of the land

Hands listen with the driving pulse
as their blood is pumped
taken on the journey with the drum

The circle of drummers widens,
voices join the song,
hands beat out the tale

The women are the pulse of the earth.

09 August, 2017


My eyes-
my ears-
heard my voice
in the night

He reached-
he held-
precipitous stillness
from me

My ears saw,
my eyes heard,
in the darkness
no hand seen

I yelled-
I struggled-
no waking
from this ghoulish sleep

Light came on
me, on the phone
screamed out-

Created a silhouette in the night.

05 August, 2017

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

Look down, the ocean below
vertigo raises its spin
shades of blue, crashes white

Coloration of turbulence
formation of cliffs,
sirens call by rocky cove

Tide, rising over sculpted crags,
Skulls of years
remind us of long passed, not, my past

Teetering on the edge of imminent death
pulled back
not today's solution

Left to wander through the far reaches of ragged details.

29 July, 2017

Circles Parted

Lives met in a Venn diagram,
intersected with commonage,
color them plum red

Outside the intersection
traits mattered more,
color them midnight black

Sexuality in plum red,
family, careers,

Behavior patterns in midnight black,
endeavors, formalities,

Midnight black trumped plum red at the end.


silent observations,
fills my uncluttered space.

to a voice in the wind,
focused on the correct words.

My muse reveals-

on the blank page,
remind me of a sculpture hidden in marble.

I write.

© right now, Denise A White    writing poems • silence poems • spiritual poems

12 July, 2017

Summer's Day Gone Badly

As the blistering sun
painted you a deepening pink
my eyes tasted your deliciousness 
I listen to the waves crashing ever closer

I called out to you but 
a quivering in my voice took over
and I watched as the salt licked at your
slightly clothed beet reddened skin

The tide embraced you
as an provoked lover, not thinking 
your delicate pinken skin, will sting
like a scorpion when being stepped on, bare feet

You would wake as the undertow dragged you in.

09 July, 2017

On The Edge

Dressed in sunshine
they floated
across an ocean
of bluebells.

Fragrance of salt air
passed by,
tickled their fancy,
as if a bee
brushed a flower

Onward to the horizon
met by the clouds,
they rolled over them,
shrouded their craft-

Floated through to the other side

19 June, 2017


Walk across the blue sky
in your drape of whiteness
not like a wind shifted cloud,
but steady as a rock in a stream

Satellite of earth, your view
is a plethora of color, that streams
through the atmosphere, stratosphere,
more, freely feeds your darkened eyes

Rays of eyes view your features
millenniums of prying sent as flybys,
only in one era then another stomped on,
violated your skin, took a piece

Punctured your elegance you still reflect
light rays and give of yourself, 
so eons of your mystery are just points 
of reference in an astronomy book

When we gaze, now, we see the man.