23 April, 2017

Unbridled Silence

Wet rivulets beat against 
house and heart-
silence breaks 
in two

Weather erratic and fickle
hard beat on windows-
hard beat on chest

Lit up now by a sun-drenched
sky of partial clouds-
deaf to my ears
useless for my heart

Day is ear-punching 
silence untamed-
one minute it rains
one it is sunny

The day moves rapidly in my unbridled brain.

13 April, 2017



Cold rain, pure as the pine tree smell in the air,
rushed through strands of red hair,
ran down a tear streaked face

North wind gales, hit like a slap
turning the face South
to the stabs of pain.

Weather wrapped its tight hold 
around an indifferent, motionless,
body of shivers

As a large hand tried to grab on.

Copyright Denise A White 

08 April, 2017


Dreams, wandering
from one life to the next,
rules don't apply
imagination is a powerful tool.

Reliving them on paper
the words applied seem already
there to be revealed,
as we walk in the clouds of our minds.

Creation of a new world 
the goal of the cloud walker,
where the new order
is the way of the walk through life.

Quietly wake to the eye of the holder of images.

Copyright Denise A White
Cloud Walker by Denise A White 

05 April, 2017

You Dear

Like fools gold sparkles 
in the sunset
reflecting the promise-

Riches in all ways,
now a
pocket of empty rock-

Turned for the kiss,
left cold,
through a pierced hole in the heart-

Cried out for you dear

02 April, 2017

The Foundation

Spring is the undergarment 
of seasonal changes.
Buds are waiting
to dress the
naked tree.
Green brush strokes color
thatched landscapes.
The crocus 
begins to

Earth is waking to a gaggle
of summer color.

Copyright Denise A White