26 April, 2013


Fiery amorous strokes
sent scents
through gasps of 

-copywrite d.a.white

The Haircut

Optimistically entering the salon,
Forcefully, heated, aqua attacking the strands,
Then she  sits.

Like a sheep, she waits.

Shearer's cliipper has a
sound, like a wall of mosquitos.
Then nothing.

She waits for the bite but feels nothing.

The shearer uses the shears and gets paid.

Alice looks in the looking glass.

She cries Help.

-copyright Denise A White

06 April, 2013

Moon's Song

I will step on the moon
gliding smoothly toward you.

Though distance may part us,
the moon still unites us.
When once again on the moon,
I come home to you.

It seems as if time stood still
when we parted.

And I send you my love on the moon.

And I give you my love on the moon.

copyright Denise A White 4/2013