20 February, 2011


Downward spiral step
Off into waves of crimson
Nature's blood-letting-daw

16 February, 2011


What I hear with my eyes; What I
See with my ears, makes me feel
Like a vessel afloat, in a sea
Of pure amber glass.

The poem is internal, the feelings
Are thoughts, that have been
Trapped; not reflections,
But parts of my whole.

I react as if the experience were
Mine; to close with my ears,
Shut in with my eyes, and
Dance with my body.-daw

13 February, 2011

Paint By Number

Undulating red
Paint by number picture piece
Swept across sunset-daw

11 February, 2011


Trek takes body; soul
Many lost along the Way
I commemorate-daw

08 February, 2011


Come swing for awhile
Let the wisdom of age play
See the girl in clouds-daw

07 February, 2011

The Old One

Wise old cat talking
A sly smile between whiskers
Good game of poker-daw

05 February, 2011

Summer's Heat

Dragonfly in flight
Dameselfly sways on a reed
Dance to summer's heat-daw

03 February, 2011


She purrs by the sea.
We lovers; eternity-
Take the boat awhile.-daw