09 November, 2012

Mania Nightmare: Schizophrenia Boarderline

The mind was overloaded.
Anxiety and agitation set in.
Personality split and anger took over.

One mind split in two, a mania nightmare-

Control and control
Wants the mind of the calm side,
But it can only watch the other.

Anger plays out,
Rejoins calm, and the normal
Manic-depression arises again.

No anxiety, or agitation
No where to go now but down.

The mind full of hurt,
Downward cycle begins, and sends
The mind soon, curled in a ball.

A life time of normal, a rollercoaster  ride
But the end of each cycle, normal again.

 copyright Denise A White 11/9/2012 (revised6/22/2013)

26 October, 2012

Hat Daze

Bipolar reigns here
The sun has come out today
It was a good day

Copyright Denise A White

21 August, 2012

Threaded Mind

A threaded
Pattern in your
Mind becoming
Your burden to bear,
Has  a tangle of lows,
And  a tangle of highs.
It has a name, manic-depression.

You live high,
Running on eight
Cylinders. Mania is
Such a delight.  You
Dive deep, the cylinders
Clogged, drowning in depression.

You live steady in fear of the threaded pattern in your mind.

Fear gives an energy
To what now is also your
Fate; burdened with this tangle of
Threads.  But you fight for life, the  circle
Of light and dark, of  a manic- depressive  head.

Copyright Denise A White

19 August, 2012

Lost At Sea

Lost, in the sea,
Self-destruction, its name.
Your motor churn up your leavings
As the sea rolls closer to shore.

A voice from the rocky cliffs ahead
Sings clearly to the lost rolling in,
When you crash, I am here and will gather
Your leavings that churned up in the sea.

Not once this will happen
Or even twice, but
Come when you least notice.
The wave will go silent and all will be right.

I'll have your leavings, that were lost in the sea
It had a name, self- destruction 
Now the sea's name is

Copyright Denise A White  08/19/2012 (revised 6/21/2013)

written for Deb and all who understand

21 May, 2012


 hiding under windows
 made of the color wheel,
 if you understand,
 if you understand,
 then it is,
 it is,
 it is.
 if you don't,
 if you don't understand,
 then it is,
 it is,
 it is.

Copyright Denise A White

03 May, 2012


Lambert sunlit waves.
Mesmerizing blue sea.
Bedazzled green eyes.

Copyright Denise A White

02 April, 2012

Silent Night

Peepers break the lost
Soundless night. Somewhere
A train blows stretching
And breaking it apart. In
My wine I wake.

Walking, quietly, with no sound
I am suddenly awake, alert-

To what I see with my ears. Is
It the wine or the sounds in
The night that has made everything
go loud?

Does he know I am here?

Copyright Denise A White 2012

19 January, 2012


Wading through a sea of all
Tomorrow's pasts.
Being in the present
Going nowhere

Thinking in my mind of
Today's present,
Being in the past
Going nowhere

Thinking overtakes me
Yesterday's present,
Being in the future
Going nowhere

Today is always present, or
It's yesterday's present, or
It's tomorrows past, or even if
I'm lucky I'm in the future's
Always present.

Today, going nowhere

Copyright Denise A White

04 January, 2012

Birth To Death

Innocent, young, eyes
Stood in awe.
White, hot, lights
Time to pause.
Gathering control of life.
Wisdom appears.

Innocent, old, eyes
Sat in awe.
Dark, cold, room
Time to die.
Gathering control of death.
Wisdom disappears.

Copyright Denise A White  01/04/2012