30 April, 2016

Moon's Purpose

I will send you my love on the moon.
Be it crescent, gibbous, or full,
I will slide over it's curves,
into your awaiting arms.

I will send you my love on the moon.
As I gaze upon its face,
I will love you always
In all ways.

Copyright Denise A White

25 April, 2016

Cyclic Phenomenon

The wind from
dark, black clouds
kills the blue, blue sky.

The ominous thunderheads
drop the destructive vortex, that spins
like my violent, uncontrolled, tornadic actions.

Quietly the wind lifts the silent
dead sounds of the tornado's end.
Like the cat creeps, I move into a catatonic state.

Copyright Denise A White

21 April, 2016

Shattered Glass

Tinkle, as I fell to the floor
like shattered glass I came apart.
Pieces lay in a chaotic state, like
a jigsaw puzzle dumped
out of its box.

Visible were the colorful days.
Visible were the gray nights.

Sorting, sorting to make sense,
trying to find the straight edges, that made me.
Turning gray ones to color finding how I fit,
as if they were a magical solution,
as if I lived.

Slowly my blue color dictated.
Slowly my red disappeared.

Shattered and broken
like so many families torn from their roots.
They were crushed by the mental disorder,
frustrated, trying to see a picture.
One lost piece is not found.

Glass can be super glued.
Glass will still show cracks.

Copyright Denise AWhite

18 April, 2016

Missing You

In the nights of the gibbous moon,
Laying awake under cool sheets,
I gaze out the skylight
And see a star man.

The constellation, Orion with his sword,
Stands tall to protect his Cassiopeia.
Emptiness as I turn left
An image emerges.

Constellations are constant
Under the gibbous moon.
You are a mirage, until
You return.

Copyright Denise A White

New Day

Spring on your lips
Touch mine like dew
On the early morning lawns,
Opens our hearts with the freshness
Of a new day.

Walk in the sunshine with me
Or walk in the gentle rain,
Sing the song of the cardinal
Sweet beauty brings love to our hearts
On a new day.

On a new day.