20 August, 2010

If You Were A Hat

If you were a hat, would you be a hot-seething, flame-throwing, can't-take-your-eyes-off-me hat, or would you be an icy, slip-sliding, gliding-through-the-crowds, turning heads hat?  Try to respond in 25 words or less; oh, give a reason why, if you will.-daw

18 August, 2010


Like a smooth tongue
The uncooked waffle fell,
Sizzling on your flame.

Wearing of the red hat daze and cooking a waffle.  The batter, the texture, the contact...Can you feel it, see it, taste it, hear it, and ...Does it touch something deep, deep within?

14 August, 2010

The Goose

                                                         The Goose
                                       I watched the single strands of clouds
                                                          mares' tails,
                                       passing high above the towering pine,
                                                          Norwegian pine.
                                       I recalled the gaggle of geese plus one
                                                          canada goose
                                               that couldn't quite catch up.
                                       I watched her tread air, reset her compass, and fly
                                                       "Voices of the Heartland"

This was based on an actual experience and The Goose and The Crone is a novel based on the poem.  It truely amazing what your hat that you wear on your head can do to change how you look and interpret the living around you.  If you are still and attentive your head will become still and attentive and your ming will wear the cap of the day.  The Green Daze Hat looked into the sky and saw, held it in and look what happen...