30 March, 2011

Dirty water drains.
Letting go of raw past life.
Awake to spring day.

Copyright Denise A White

28 March, 2011


Snow melting as if, in your syncope,
being overtaken by the sun, clear
all about so your falls are in

We inhale.

Melting, melting away, as we breathe,
in and out, our breath does its
cleansing. And the sun lifts
a dragonfly up to do its

We exhale.

Dew on its wings from the melt of the
morning, the dragonfly has tuned to
the rhythm. The warmth is felt,
the melt is danced, and from
syncope we are awakened.

Copyright Denise A White

23 March, 2011

In the beginning
Gentle touch of beating hearts
A raindrop wets cheek

Copyright Denise A White

08 March, 2011


Sunlight flitted through
Interstices bent branchlets
Ice storms of winter

Copyright Denise A White

06 March, 2011

03 March, 2011

Mrs. Gray Tribute

Je m'appelle Denise.
Quelle heure est-il?

Oh, I forgot the rest,
But I know you would
Forgive moi if vous could.

Alzheimer's-not fair

You were the most wondrous of all.
Francais, math, assitant principal,
And source of comfort when
JFK was shot.

Thank you for being there for
Me, my brother, my mother, my uncle-
I always wanted to be a teacher like you
I think you'ld say I did you proud,
If you could.-daw