29 July, 2016

The Walk Away From My Life

The important question
was suspended in the air.
I had given my heart
you gave me nothing but tears;
you were ready to walk away.

You never said yes,
you never said no.
I was willing to give you my life
you gave me nothing;
now I must walk away, too.

I'll shed a tear or two
for what could have been.
I'll leave you, my heartbreaker,
the distance grows long now.
A new chapter of my life has begun.

Copyright Denise A White

19 July, 2016


Tears welded
not knowing where to run.
Held back
until they broke forth
in rivulets
silently stealing away.

Tide swelled
with each crashing wave.
The rhythm
so alluring to the heart-
beating hard
as the water washed away at the sores.

Water ran
back to the sea, back to
the beginning.
Time washed away the tears
as the pull
of the moon changed the course of life.

There was no where to run to to hide.

16 July, 2016

Travelers Morning
Low is the tide in the bay
Come, rest for awhile

Copyright Denise A White

09 July, 2016

Five Stanzas For Five Shots

A busted tail light
A car made on the radio
Many traffic citations
Identified again

A question asked
Produce a license, a registration
Previously placed in a pocket
with a gun in the way.

The permit had been issued
Carrying legally it said
A graceful hand on the pocket
One loud moment rang out

Reality struck again and again.
Red quickly colored a shirt.
A fearful baby cried,
as a pretty woman did pray.

Justifiable homicide reigns no more, a good man is dead.

Copyright Denise A White

05 July, 2016


"You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories."-Garrison Keillor

I tried to answer
the lines on your face.
Deep, furrows of doubt
met my words.

I had no explanation,
no words of wisdom, this time,
that would appease your questioning,
black eyes.

I knew you looked to me,
older and more experienced,
with the ways of the world and
I was sorry.

I was sorry I only had a story
to relate to the hurt that was on your face.
It was old and I had told it many, many times over.
I hoped for the message to shine through.

I told the story
of the young at heart.
Your face relaxed, your eyes smiled.
I knew, then, I did have an answer.

The answer was laid down in the story of life.

Copyright Denise A White

04 July, 2016


Silence takes its place
in a still instance,
when the peepers
chirps abate.

It is one o'clock
silence reigns
until a train whistles
its way into a car's path.

A deeper understanding
of self comes
with the stillness
of silence.

Rattled brain
is freed,
when the sounds stop
and the unquiet air is silent.

Find that place and silence washes all away.

Copyright Denise A White