28 December, 2011

Cycling Down

Before that, and that, and that...
Yesterday, the dry-throated cold
of the desert floor, rushed forth to
chill what the sun had tried to
warm. And that, and that, and that...

We slept in repose of blanketed
heat, garnered from orange solar
rays, sprayed down restless, come to
take the chill back to its root
cellar. And that, and that, and ...


18 December, 2011

Painted High

The desert sun set,
dancing its crayons,
in variegated waves,
over our awe-
stricken eyes.

Overwhelmed to a
heartbeat, drum in the
ears, we ached for
time to stand
quietly still.

Land blackened coal,
to a bone chilling howl,
and the harlequin
gave way to the

Copyright Denise A White

14 December, 2011

Night Writer

The moon's rays fell,
Like droplets of dew,
Waking me to all the possibilities
Of the night.

I stand and shake myself off,
Like a horse shakes away the flies,
On a hot summer's day, only to find
It was night.

Pen comes to hand
On the page it converses
With the words flowing through my mind,
In the night.

Together we dance
Until the image is complete,
Like the moon's beams shining down,
Late at night.

Copyright Denise A White  2012

13 December, 2011


A warm day of gray is my blanket.
The mist never penetrates my fibers.
I shall stay color-filled in the shadows of my mind.

Copyright Denise A White

05 December, 2011


Bright as a full moon
On a cold summer's night,
Full of hope, love, and dreams,
The ground was aglow.
The night was below,
And the lights
Carried out
Their event.

The sky it did dance,
On that cold winter's night,
Making love with the creatures below.
The faces that turned
Up saw a show,
And the lights
Carried out
Their event.

Then as bright as it was
It turned suddenly black,
And everything ran for cover.
They were scared that the darkness above them
Had snuffed out the candle
Because their eyes
Had fallen

So love of the summer
Would wait for to come
And so would the light of the night.
To bed they would go
And wait for a
Night when
the sky was

Copyright Denise A White

30 November, 2011

Desert Sunset

The small beam spread
setting with a conflagration
of color as I eyed it through a lens.

The scope of color
swept the western sky like wildfire,
and I stood in awe as the land blackened.

Mother Nature put on a show
for the lensman that night, as a burst of light
and I , in my stillness, captured that moment for eternity, to feel.

Copyright Denise A White

18 November, 2011

Dream Tomorrow

Sleep is but a few steps away
so take them, the world
will still be here tomorrow.

In a dream today was our
thoughts of sleep, and memory
became today's dream of tomorrow.

Dream we shall when we take
those steps and awaken
we must to tonight's dream of tomorrow.

There still we are met with a world
that we dreamed
because of the first step tomorrow.

Copyright Denise A White

16 November, 2011


The day sprang forth
With a burst of yellow,
Filling my eyes with a
Promising warmth to follow.
Trying with an equal force,
Shotting sensors through
My body.

So I never skipped
A beat, but went forth
Seeking warmth and truth.
The promise of a warm
Filled day, leaving
Sunshine on
My face.

Copyright Denise A White

12 November, 2011

The Canvas: My Face

Paint across the canvas lines,
is like moon's reflection
of sunset's light,
for what you see is
colored only by
what has come 

to be,

and what lie is told
is what you came to see.

Copyright Denise A White 2012

05 October, 2011

With blue eyes shining
A reflection of her green
Wading in love's pond

Copyright Denise A White

13 September, 2011

She Smiles

I bring you home. Home
to mother, bent of mind,
but not of soul.
She smiles.

I bring you home. Home
to mother. You communicate
with pen and pencil.
A good conversation
is held.
She smiles.

And she 'says', "I like daisys."

I bring you home. Home
to mother. Eating is
such a chore. You
can only watch
until the food
finally finds
She smiles
Alzheimer's laughs
claims her.

Copyright Denise A White
originally written 8/30/2011

08 August, 2011

Foot Patter Pat

My own feet take
Me down times'
Beaten path.
So awarding
I never know
Where, I, am, at.

Copyright Denise A White

28 July, 2011


Like a fog shrouded bog
I lay exhausted, airless,
With clamminess of skin.

Copyright Denise A White

08 July, 2011


When you walk
In the sun,
No matter
How hot,


The winter

When you walk
In the rain,
No matter
How soft,


The thunder
that has


things is
not to

It's accepting
that they
are left
in the

Copyright Denise A White

13 June, 2011

Women's Life

Universally; infinite possibilities
Await, at birth to commence.

Flower buds
Into courts' harlequin,
Before it is plucked and spent.

Universally; she grasps the totality,
Knowing the difinitiveness of

Flower fades
Into courts' jester,
Before it is deadheaded.

Copyright Denise A White

27 May, 2011


Understanding place-
If it is it will be there.
Understanding place.

Reconciling fact-
If it is it will be there.
Reconciling fact.

It took two in a place.
It took two to make a fact.
It took two to understand.

Move on.

Copyright Denise A White

29 April, 2011

Comes A Time

Sweet-tempered are the ocean waves,
On the shore they're breaking,
When the tide is rolling low,
Comes a time of green and
Grown, comes a time of

The Steadfast Tree.

Mean-mannered is the mid-night wind,
Breaking on a shore no more,
Comes a time of worn
And tired, comes a
Time of

The Hollowed Stump.

Copyright Denise A White

19 April, 2011


Fanaticize age
On a street going nowhere
In the winter years

Copyright Denise A White

14 April, 2011

Sapphire Jewel

Once upon a morning dew
your hair was sunlight lit,
eyes of sapphire blue jewels
the fruit of ruby red upon your lips.

I could not help but wonder
what made the day glow bright,
was it your face of beauty
or the sun's intense orange light?

So I set out to explore them
gifts as sweet as these,
the door had been opened to me
I meant to go inside,  be pleased.

Oh, woman of the morning light
You came to dance and  sing, with me
for we could enjoy the rays of sun
In a bright prism to be as  one.

Copyright Denise A White

04 April, 2011

In The Wind Comes Fall II

Unnoticed through the summer light, it comes
rippling surface blue, floating like the
white and brown geese, instincts
riding through.

Paint by number, still it flys. Message in eye
burns true. Calm the colors as they fall:
oranges, yellows, sometimes gray,
in the wind comes fall's

Copyright Denise A White

30 March, 2011

Dirty water drains.
Letting go of raw past life.
Awake to spring day.

Copyright Denise A White

28 March, 2011


Snow melting as if, in your syncope,
being overtaken by the sun, clear
all about so your falls are in

We inhale.

Melting, melting away, as we breathe,
in and out, our breath does its
cleansing. And the sun lifts
a dragonfly up to do its

We exhale.

Dew on its wings from the melt of the
morning, the dragonfly has tuned to
the rhythm. The warmth is felt,
the melt is danced, and from
syncope we are awakened.

Copyright Denise A White

23 March, 2011

In the beginning
Gentle touch of beating hearts
A raindrop wets cheek

Copyright Denise A White

08 March, 2011


Sunlight flitted through
Interstices bent branchlets
Ice storms of winter

Copyright Denise A White

06 March, 2011

03 March, 2011

Mrs. Gray Tribute

Je m'appelle Denise.
Quelle heure est-il?

Oh, I forgot the rest,
But I know you would
Forgive moi if vous could.

Alzheimer's-not fair

You were the most wondrous of all.
Francais, math, assitant principal,
And source of comfort when
JFK was shot.

Thank you for being there for
Me, my brother, my mother, my uncle-
I always wanted to be a teacher like you
I think you'ld say I did you proud,
If you could.-daw

20 February, 2011


Downward spiral step
Off into waves of crimson
Nature's blood-letting-daw

16 February, 2011


What I hear with my eyes; What I
See with my ears, makes me feel
Like a vessel afloat, in a sea
Of pure amber glass.

The poem is internal, the feelings
Are thoughts, that have been
Trapped; not reflections,
But parts of my whole.

I react as if the experience were
Mine; to close with my ears,
Shut in with my eyes, and
Dance with my body.-daw

13 February, 2011

Paint By Number

Undulating red
Paint by number picture piece
Swept across sunset-daw

11 February, 2011


Trek takes body; soul
Many lost along the Way
I commemorate-daw

08 February, 2011


Come swing for awhile
Let the wisdom of age play
See the girl in clouds-daw

07 February, 2011

The Old One

Wise old cat talking
A sly smile between whiskers
Good game of poker-daw

05 February, 2011

Summer's Heat

Dragonfly in flight
Dameselfly sways on a reed
Dance to summer's heat-daw

03 February, 2011


She purrs by the sea.
We lovers; eternity-
Take the boat awhile.-daw

11 January, 2011

Bifurcated youth

Road split, where to go
like the end of a
branch, where
a branchlet
was chosen.

Cold as ice, we had
to keep moving;
chose we must
or the ending
was chilling.

Left of the bifurcated
road we did go,
knowing full
well, hell
would be

A stream of ice,
or a road of
snow, split
us apart, yes
forked, of our
sliced youth.

copyright d.a.white 2/2010

09 January, 2011


Woman saw the rocks.
Insentient assemblage,
She perceived the Way.