25 November, 2016

Winter Came Today

Winter came today
geese flew in formation
a salutation to the storm
brewing in the southwest

A white out, blizzard
not because of the light snow
but winds gusted to pick it from the ground
covered birch, oak, pine branches, caused drifts

Windswept with white paint
the landscape a silent vision
went undisturbed in twilight hours
a testimonial to the truth of the north

We came over the horizon and wept.

Copyright Denise A White

19 November, 2016

Frozen In Time

Wind running its fingers
around me,
through me,
under me.

I feel an infinity for its' breadth.

The chill sends pebbbles
through my skin,
up my spine,
to my toes.

I find solace in her natural energy.

Whipping snow everywhere,
blinding my eyes,
until large droplets run freely
down my cheek,

I shiver at the sharpness of her tongue.

Allowed to expierence
this force of nature,
upon my inner sanctum,
I stand frozen in time.

I bend to her will.

Copyright Denise A White

12 November, 2016


Scramble up the rocks
to get an informed view,
chaos happens below.

The butterfly effect
determines how they
will act in this crisis.

Stimulated by actions outside
their realm of experience
the riots will begin.

No one has the answers to thousands
combing these street with shouts,
bats, and signs.

Society will not endure this, this time,
as dark ages have returned,
spark of life has gone out.

Hope has vanished, replaced by fear.

Copyright Denise A White

11 November, 2016

Election Answer

Sun came up as usual today,
but it felt different somehow.
I felt different somehow.

Progress has different connotations
for each plant member.
Today it felt defeated.

Step back and redo yesterday,
was not an option, not today.
The consequences are not easy.

Four years can be a long time.

Copyright by Denise A White

01 November, 2016


Home is physically found
in places of the heart.
Let love in, and
always wil have a place
to reside in all ways.

Our family resides within.

Map placement is not the key,
because a house is not a
house when it becomes a
home of two.

Settle in to a new house, but
never forget the home;
dance with joy at the home
of intimacy that resides

Always is your family now,
happiness is what
brought you together
In all ways.

We take care of the new home.

Your caring is your birth family,
my caring is you.
Walk with me in a
new light.
Carry me home.

Copyright Denise A White


Words are twenty-six letters
in readable form.
They are you favorite
storybook of old.

Words change but
twenty-six letters remain.
Collect them, place them
on a page.

Soon they will blossom
into poetic form,
leaving a joyful

So many words become
a manuscript
waiting the bind
into a book.

Copyright Denise A White