30 August, 2016

Pleading Eyes

Touch of hands
like a pillow top
Stroke the palm line
tells the story true

Years melt, the song fades

Too long
when the day was gray
When a simple yes
would do

The question hung in the air

Another day
emotions deep
Eyes plead for a word
while clueless, truth

Please ask, I will stay.

14 August, 2016


Did a petal ever fall
without a drop of dew
The cheek as frigid
as the mountain air,
and the brush of the wave
turned you blue.

Lost between the I's and you's
that one word of regret
The back as rigid as the floor
breaks within a stare,
as venomous lips part
words split my golden hairs.

Once the sunshine true.

Copyright Denise A White

09 August, 2016

Life Season (Haiku)

Life is worth living
There is first dawn on the tree
Summertime in love

Copyright Denise A White