19 December, 2015

A Cyclic Action

The moon lays flat on its back
Half full of cream.
Just out of reach
From mortals
That watch it transform
To a full round face.

The process takes 30 days
It is lost in the daylight
But comes back
Each night,
More full than the last.
Please let it sit up.

Victimization is such sweet sorrow.

15 December, 2015

Essence Revealed

Cut into your skin
Walk inside, find the essence of truth.
photo by Denise A White
Pealed it round with a sharp knife
I revealed your core.

copyright Denise A White

Night of Lights

Deep, deep in the bowls of the earth,
Nothing to hold on to,
Nothing but dirt

She came with her bright red-blonde hair.
Under the oak tree she
Looked, and she saw you lying in despair.

Bright, bright the dancing lights came,
They danced on the dirt and rays of hope
Sprang forward, like a fireworks show.

Touching the warmth of her hair
You saw a way up, and over the dirt.
It was a time of life.

copyright Denise A White

The Sun Shines

I believe if not for
You, I would die.
If not for you
My sun wouldn't shine.
You are my hope.
There is an ebony tunnel
With an end where the light shines.
It is strong not merely to show the way,
But a guide, like pure wine flows.
I have no shame but only
My wisdom to go into the light.
Dark corners were visited on the way.
There was an intricate tangle, as one would
Find in a spiders web.

I believe if not for you
I would be dead, but
I didn't and the sun shines as you
Lead me home.

Copyright Denise A White

26 November, 2015

A Love Poem

I promise this is not
A typical love poem.
I promise insight.
I promise 
To explain.

I promise to love.
I will give all that
My heart reflects,
Beyond the eye 
Of the person I'm with.

I know not my own heart
For it gives only to you.
It gives in the moment,
That's my reality                                                                                 photo by Denise A White

My love is a butterfly,
Emerged from its cacoon
In a blaze of sunlight.
It flits from one flower 
To a bush; it flits. 

I promised this was not a typical love poem.
I promised-

copyright Denise A White

07 November, 2015

Haiku- Quiet

Night time endless dark
In vacumn sound not heard
Eclipses of mind

Copyright Denise A White

On The End Of A Spring

Once the wire was coiled
Turn after turn after turn
My churning stomach
Tied in knots

Sprung like the hinge on a door
The sickness came, in a rush
Overpowered my tangled mind

Sharp was the pain as my
Thoughts spit forth
Like the recoil of a gun
Vibrates a hand

The bullet went straight through
As would the sharp end of the spring

Copyright Denise A White

09 October, 2015

Spring Runoff

Roaring water down-
Stream full, mighty, power, full-
Spring thoughts streaming through

copyright Denise A White

03 October, 2015

My Journey

Walk in my footsteps
Know my journey,
Listen to my head speak
Hear me out

Like a sponge I 
Soak up your words
Your reactions speak multitudes
Let the conversation flow

Walk in my footsteps
Know my journey

Copyright Denise A White

13 August, 2015

Wisdom Walking

What's age got to with it
The words
The insites
What's age but a brain
 it listen well,
Does it know what to say
I feel wise, so am
What's age got to do with it
Does someone open the door for me
Do they stand until I sit
A welcome yet frightening place to be.

Wisdom is knowing wht to do,
Wisdom is knowing what to say.
When you see me hold the door
Don't sit til I sit,
I deserve the respect, for I am

Wisdom Walking

copyright DeniseAWhite

28 July, 2015


The air surrounds me
Like a bog shrouded in fog.
Air's dew, clammy skin.

Copyright Denise A White

25 July, 2015

Oranges In The Sky

The pallor of illness
Shines through your feverish
Reflection of the sun
Bursting on the horizon to
Journey through
The night as I revolve around you.

Like heat lightning
Breaking through  the black horizon
You are still aglow
Striking out now with a burst
But there is no sound
Just the angry orange ring around

Your face as it settles into a line of darkness.

03 July, 2015

A Cry in the Night

Thrashing, kicking, calling
Out for help-

Falling into a bottomless pit
Landing in the middle of a nightmare

Way out, there is a way out-

Reach for the phone
Automatically dial-
Still not awake.

Help, help, help
A voice answers-

Turn on the light.

Oh, that hurts, but
The nightmare continues.

Calling my name-
Over, over from the phone.

Finally answer with their name,
One last statement-

You're awake-

15 June, 2015

Death: Escaped Inmates

As the dark, stifling night time comes slowly creeping in,
As the day has gone as dark as a new moon,
Shadows on the wall warn you, of what
Must come to pass too soon.

The time of the hidden swamp creatures that sing,
Deep in the bowels of the night, blacken the
Waters within the heart, running
Pebbles on the spine.

As the shadows on the wall stop still, as the
Creatures' song fades gray, a voice
In a head says, "Now," a shot
Heard not so far away.

The moon takes on a crescent shape, as it
Reflects the sun's rising light, the song
Of the night has fallen quiet, a
Bugle is tapped.

Copyright Denise A White

22 April, 2015

The Photograph

Seeing the sound of mist
In your eyes
Telling the taste of rain
To your ears
Using the senses to portray
Love of life-

This is the photograph.

Copyright Denise A White

06 April, 2015

Wandering To Home

Fly like white-winged butterfly.
Paris is my choice.
Flit to the Eiffel Tower
Lite now lightly on the top
Looking down on humankind

Fly like an iridescent-blue winged butterfly.
Hawaii is my choice.
Flit to a sail-topped boat
Brush its tip, fly on and on
Amazing humankind

Fly like black-winged butterfly
Home is my choice
Flit to the azalea bush
Landing and staying
Accepting of humankind

Copyright Denise A White

04 April, 2015


Mocking Bird singing
Songs of joy in the sunshine
April voices heard

Copyright Denise A White

20 March, 2015

In The Light

I see inside.
I hear outside.
I feel my heart.
I touch the air.

In the light.

Copyright Denise A White

17 March, 2015

In The Dark

I hear with my eyes.
I see with my ears.
I speak with my actions.
I feel with my heart.

In the dark.

Copyright Denise A White

24 February, 2015

One Stands Tall

Across time's barrier
With a whisper on toes
A message, sad on the ears
Could it be...

A shape is forming across a fence
With the slightest breezz it unfolds.

Drawing arms around the shape,
Feels like a friend, comfortable in a moment.
Why are you sad, rejoice-
I am here...

A bond of a million years
Is felt in the great hug.

Time has been breeched by
unconditional love

Denise A White

                                         One stands tall on the landscape waiting....
                                                                      photo by
                                                             Denise A White

20 February, 2015


As the sun kisses the sky
In early mornings light
So do I brush your lips
With mine.

As the pink comes to bloom
In early mornings light
So do I caress your face
With my hand.

As the  desert life  springs alive
In early mornings light
So do I wake you easily
With my touch.

15 February, 2015

22 January, 2015


Gently slicing into your bitterness,
I peel around your red skin,
And cut out your core.

The air on your snow white fruit,
Distracts from your beauty,
Turning you brown.

I disgard parts of you,
Like you are a piece
Of garbage..

Biting, chewing, spitting out the brown
Softness that has gathered,
I eat of your fruit.

Copyright Denise A White