31 December, 2010


Satisfaction overflows
my mind with wondrous words.
Words written time after time,
with love, and loss, and joy!

Overwhelmed am I on this day
with words jumping like beans
in my head, waiting to be read.
They correct, punctuate each sentence
with great choice, and truth, these
words for you, and you, and you.

Oh, I wish you to read them now,
but they will have to wait, for I
know not when I'll get to sign the
paper that says they are great.

Be it soon.-daw

27 December, 2010

An Aubade of Love

Like the delicate parts
of the budding flower at dawn,
you flow like the dew that drips
from the pines, touching
the waiting, grass

Like the quivering flower
in the breeze, so
does your skin
pebble at a

Light falls gently,
now gracefully highlighting
the subtle curves of the flower,
and you both devour
the warmth given
freely by its

20 December, 2010

Hat Daze: Anywhere

Hat Daze: Anywhere


Sleep eludes me now.
Try putting on a nightcap.
Canvas is complete.-daw

written without a hat; not good; put that hat on!  get a good hat daze going today! OK.

10 December, 2010

A Man

Hugging the man tells,
Stories of old wars and girls;
Love like a spring day.-daw

08 December, 2010


Purple cloudy night,
         Brought by lover's sunlit light,
                      Embracing autumn.

25 November, 2010


Imitations shuffle through my mind's eye;
camera lens puts in to view,
where I've been or
where I'm going.-daw

16 November, 2010

Wise Woman's Story

Wise woman's long life
Journey circle began East
In North wisdom told-daw

28 October, 2010

Mayfield Road

Mayfield Road,
where the dirt flew,
the only place
I, called,

where the stationery,
letter lay, in the
tiny room

under the loved-stitched
quilt, away from the
large, family,

purple school dress,
ran to come
off, up

music played,
books on
corner desk,
car on road,

Mayfield Road.

25 October, 2010

She's the One Who Cares

I was first born,
first born of her favorite son.
My real mother, grandmother,
gave me opportunities to grow.
Like father, like daughter.

I learned to play poker,
and when I had to try again,
and again, and again,
My real mother,
was there.-daw

20 October, 2010

Mushroom Haiku

mushroom infant, gray
fungi of birches, white skin
fall, just around bend-daw

18 October, 2010

Three Haiku

Love is elusive.
Floating plume on stream of life.
Warm as spring on face.-daw
Weep no more my friend,
This is how today will be.
A new path taken.
Chase the plume, you must.
It is hard catching loves' ride,
Sometimes warm as sun.-daw

15 October, 2010

The Third Place

Bald Boulder
seemingly the top of
a world,
my world, filled with
pine and moss,
and sun, warming the
surface I sit on.

Sky, filled with
cumulus clouds, summer
blue surrounding...
as the pen in
hand on the page reveals
the words.

I must always leave.-daw

09 October, 2010

Life's Elemental Purpose

Life’s Elemental Purpose

life's choices,
baring gifts.
Given ancestors:
living for cause.
Given circle:
lives entangle,
Given purpose:

This was created with my tan button cap-hat on.  I have recently been reading Rumi and he says (my words) that you should live what you do.  I do.  Put on a hat and ask yourself, "Do I live what I do?"

04 October, 2010

24 September, 2010


Deep-rooted in heart, 
the foreseer's story told
like fall leaves wash out.-daw

22 September, 2010

Mushrooms and Pine Cones


fire of the night
built of nature's gifts,
as mother's tongue licks
At Our Feet.

dancing reflections of
sun's brillant light,
Tiptoe, Tiptoe ever closer.


pinecones will pop
as you are danced on tonight,
Glow, Higher, Higher.

mushrooms wetted then
the glow disappears,
And the Pop of the pine
is No More.

tomorrow the clouds
will open the door and the
Sparkle Will Sparkle Once More.-daw

21 September, 2010


waves of guilt
pushed in, pulled out,
while boots
crunched the soul.

The cold moon's
 light of night
did expose,
what was told

Crunching stone with boots
thick of leather soul,
fills the sand with

19 September, 2010


photo by daw


The sky was half fleeced by clouds today,
The earth was half dead with acorns,
The wind was half shredded by an icy breath,
The fire was half alive with burnt leaves.

The sky, earth, wind, and fire fleeced our lives-
We accepted willingly,
And smiled.-daw

16 September, 2010

Forever Soul

"Flowing waves of color
'round my beating heart,
reaching out -
to you

my forever soul." -daw 9/16/2010

written for Becky McCarty's piece

14 September, 2010

The Goose

I watched the single strands of clouds,
mares' tails,
passing high above the towering pine,
Norwegian pine.
I recalled the gaggle of geese plus one
Canada goose
that couldn't quite catch up.
I watched her tread air, reset her compass, and fly

published in Voices of the Heartland; 2005
re-typed with eco-friendly green hat on:)

Hat Daze: Summer Ends

Hat Daze: Summer Ends

11 September, 2010


Silhouetted words,
Syncope in fog lit light.
Fall, unquiet mind.-daw

07 September, 2010


Words are revealed in a syncope of fog lit light, as the silhouette puts its fingers extension on the papyrus, stilling an unquiet mind.-daw


Stillness abound  until deafing  spirits move the sound to write the story.
"Doubles" is:  six plus six is 12, eleven plus eleven is 22, and 10 plus 10 is 20, and so on and so on ..
We can be still with a pond; the algea speaks to us.  Be still with the the lake, its voices are ours .  Stillness can be a cane basket, a window to the world.  Still, look, listen for the story, and hear it with your eyes.

(observed with a blue hat on for it was a "blue" day):) 

04 September, 2010

Summer Ends

Summer Ends

September 3, 2010, 5:57 pm

my brain walks back through time.
am I there, or
are the arms of the octopus ride still

my hat, to connect the wires;
too dazed to smile,
retired. -daw


she began her rocking motion and went into 
around the platter, only to put on a variation when she 
played the bass drum.
The daughter on the mountain top and the
daughter in the valley were both carring a ball to the side.
They push and pull, pulling in the energy while the brothers
were pulling taffy.  They anchor it and twist it into circles 
with their wrists, all in a perpetual motion.  It was as if they 
were working a pulley from a light at the top of the head 
to a light at the temple below.  With three joyous breaths through
the passing clouds of dawn, as they all breath out their six healing sounds
the cosmic consciousness pose was struck.-NAMSTE-daw

20 August, 2010

If You Were A Hat

If you were a hat, would you be a hot-seething, flame-throwing, can't-take-your-eyes-off-me hat, or would you be an icy, slip-sliding, gliding-through-the-crowds, turning heads hat?  Try to respond in 25 words or less; oh, give a reason why, if you will.-daw

18 August, 2010


Like a smooth tongue
The uncooked waffle fell,
Sizzling on your flame.

Wearing of the red hat daze and cooking a waffle.  The batter, the texture, the contact...Can you feel it, see it, taste it, hear it, and ...Does it touch something deep, deep within?

14 August, 2010

The Goose

                                                         The Goose
                                       I watched the single strands of clouds
                                                          mares' tails,
                                       passing high above the towering pine,
                                                          Norwegian pine.
                                       I recalled the gaggle of geese plus one
                                                          canada goose
                                               that couldn't quite catch up.
                                       I watched her tread air, reset her compass, and fly
                                                       "Voices of the Heartland"

This was based on an actual experience and The Goose and The Crone is a novel based on the poem.  It truely amazing what your hat that you wear on your head can do to change how you look and interpret the living around you.  If you are still and attentive your head will become still and attentive and your ming will wear the cap of the day.  The Green Daze Hat looked into the sky and saw, held it in and look what happen...

16 March, 2010

The Third Place

Bald boulder,
seemingly the top
of a world,
my world, filled
with wind,
sweet of pine and
moss, sun
warmed of the surface
I sit on.

Sky, filled with white
cumulus clouds,
summer blue surrounding,
as the pen
in hand on the page reveals
the words.

I must always leave.-daw