29 July, 2017

Circles Parted

Lives met in a Venn diagram,
intersected with commonage,
color them plum red

Outside the intersection
traits mattered more,
color them midnight black

Sexuality in plum red,
family, careers,

Behavior patterns in midnight black,
endeavors, formalities,

Midnight black trumped plum red at the end.


silent observations,
fills my uncluttered space.

to a voice in the wind,
focused on the correct words.

My muse reveals-

on the blank page,
remind me of a sculpture hidden in marble.

I write.

© right now, Denise A White    writing poems • silence poems • spiritual poems

12 July, 2017

Summer's Day Gone Badly

As the blistering sun
painted you a deepening pink
my eyes tasted your deliciousness 
I listen to the waves crashing ever closer

I called out to you but 
a quivering in my voice took over
and I watched as the salt licked at your
slightly clothed beet reddened skin

The tide embraced you
as an provoked lover, not thinking 
your delicate pinken skin, will sting
like a scorpion when being stepped on, bare feet

You would wake as the undertow dragged you in.

09 July, 2017

On The Edge

Dressed in sunshine
they floated
across an ocean
of bluebells.

Fragrance of salt air
passed by,
tickled their fancy,
as if a bee
brushed a flower

Onward to the horizon
met by the clouds,
they rolled over them,
shrouded their craft-

Floated through to the other side