19 December, 2015

A Cyclic Action

The moon lays flat on its back
Half full of cream.
Just out of reach
From mortals
That watch it transform
To a full round face.

The process takes 30 days
It is lost in the daylight
But comes back
Each night,
More full than the last.
Please let it sit up.

Victimization is such sweet sorrow.

15 December, 2015

Essence Revealed

Cut into your skin
Walk inside, find the essence of truth.
photo by Denise A White
Pealed it round with a sharp knife
I revealed your core.

copyright Denise A White

Night of Lights

Deep, deep in the bowls of the earth,
Nothing to hold on to,
Nothing but dirt

She came with her bright red-blonde hair.
Under the oak tree she
Looked, and she saw you lying in despair.

Bright, bright the dancing lights came,
They danced on the dirt and rays of hope
Sprang forward, like a fireworks show.

Touching the warmth of her hair
You saw a way up, and over the dirt.
It was a time of life.

copyright Denise A White

The Sun Shines

I believe if not for
You, I would die.
If not for you
My sun wouldn't shine.
You are my hope.
There is an ebony tunnel
With an end where the light shines.
It is strong not merely to show the way,
But a guide, like pure wine flows.
I have no shame but only
My wisdom to go into the light.
Dark corners were visited on the way.
There was an intricate tangle, as one would
Find in a spiders web.

I believe if not for you
I would be dead, but
I didn't and the sun shines as you
Lead me home.

Copyright Denise A White