19 January, 2012


Wading through a sea of all
Tomorrow's pasts.
Being in the present
Going nowhere

Thinking in my mind of
Today's present,
Being in the past
Going nowhere

Thinking overtakes me
Yesterday's present,
Being in the future
Going nowhere

Today is always present, or
It's yesterday's present, or
It's tomorrows past, or even if
I'm lucky I'm in the future's
Always present.

Today, going nowhere

Copyright Denise A White

04 January, 2012

Birth To Death

Innocent, young, eyes
Stood in awe.
White, hot, lights
Time to pause.
Gathering control of life.
Wisdom appears.

Innocent, old, eyes
Sat in awe.
Dark, cold, room
Time to die.
Gathering control of death.
Wisdom disappears.

Copyright Denise A White  01/04/2012