29 January, 2017

Awake By The Light

Dying, freedom given
found a golden light
depending heart
at last the time-

Of a clear moment
in the minds eye
resonates through
the body blue

When the light turned bright.

Copyright Denise A White 

28 January, 2017

Tanka (Changes)

Embrace the changes
of today, tomorrow will
never be the same;
whether it's sunshine or rain
coming today it is change.

Look for examples,
the past is full, now dulled, 
disappointment through;
try to see the positive
then in changes of today.

With the flow we live,
arms hugging change to the chest;
better or worse off
does not matter tomorrow,
every season brings its joy.

Copyright Denise A White 

24 January, 2017

Haiku (Desert Style)

The coyotes yip
Torrential rains come, flash floods
Winter desert styled day

14 January, 2017


(The Wall)

Strong, tall, proud, barring
from decades in the making
a symbol from then
the war took its toll on you
shattered, springs water erodes

Copyright Denise A White

04 January, 2017


Candles dance in the breeze,
wood fire plays along,
grasses bend,
trees sway

Your cape flies as you're
spinning on the shore
hair out of style
eyes sparkle

As night settles in I see.

The Sculptor

Sit still, aware;
let your muse speak
through you.

Lightening, fireworks;
set your pen to blank paper,
words speak, spring forth.

Reveal the story,
it's just waiting on the blank page;
sculpt the image.

The world sees your truth.

Copyright Denise A White