26 November, 2015

A Love Poem

I promise this is not
A typical love poem.
I promise insight.
I promise 
To explain.

I promise to love.
I will give all that
My heart reflects,
Beyond the eye 
Of the person I'm with.

I know not my own heart
For it gives only to you.
It gives in the moment,
That's my reality                                                                                 photo by Denise A White

My love is a butterfly,
Emerged from its cacoon
In a blaze of sunlight.
It flits from one flower 
To a bush; it flits. 

I promised this was not a typical love poem.
I promised-

copyright Denise A White

07 November, 2015

Haiku- Quiet

Night time endless dark
In vacumn sound not heard
Eclipses of mind

Copyright Denise A White

On The End Of A Spring

Once the wire was coiled
Turn after turn after turn
My churning stomach
Tied in knots

Sprung like the hinge on a door
The sickness came, in a rush
Overpowered my tangled mind

Sharp was the pain as my
Thoughts spit forth
Like the recoil of a gun
Vibrates a hand

The bullet went straight through
As would the sharp end of the spring

Copyright Denise A White