31 December, 2013

Circle of Support

My support circle
Bands of friends surrounding me
Like spring always comes

Copyright Denise A White

20 December, 2013


My mind is racing,
I must refocus.
Breaking the cycle is hard.
Gaming is preferred.

I may look relaxed,
Maybe uncaring.
Breaking the cycle is hard.
Recess is preferred.

The mania gone,
Returning my self.
Breaking the cycle is hard.
A clear mind preferred.

Copyright Denise A White

15 December, 2013

The High

Speed abounds inside
Like a hopping kangaroo.
I race with the wind.

Copyright Denise A White

The Low

Water falls like streams
In a shower of  clear tears.
Life is sad for me.

Copyright Denise A White

On The Outside

I see your presentation,
Smiling, and calmly sitting here.
On the outside I know you.

Dressing well, you multitask.
Laughing, you carry on an animated conversation.
Sleeping, you are at peace.

On the outside, on the outside-

Copyright Denise A White

10 November, 2013

Looking In

Into the deep black secret you call your
Mind, I sink.
Although voided, I gravitate none-the-less,
To its depths.
I am suffocated by your ever present
I  wait for the light.  I know you well,
Copyright Denise A White

13 October, 2013

A Green and White Chair

It fit me, the chair-
Green and white,
So small-like,
In an empty

I sat down, facing
The beige shade
On the window,
Alone with my

The carpet was beige, too.

I sat, waited, nothing
Happened, so I
Cried, then
Got up and

Copyright Denise A White

28 September, 2013

Black Boots

Slipping on her black boots
Made her feel like the
Cowgirl she wanted
To be.

Disguise herself and no one
Would see the bipolar
Person within.

Slipping on her walking shoes
Made her feel like the
Competitor she wanted
To be.

Disguise herself and no one
Would see the bipolar
Person within.

Slipping on her high-healed sandals
Made her feel like the
Professional she wanted
To be.

Disguise herself and no one
Would see the bipolar
Person within.

Sandals, walking shoes, and black boots
No matter what the pick,
Disguising the bipolar
Was to be, to be.

Copyright Denise A White

The Country Witch

She comes tonight; a nightmare.
If I lay perfectly still,
If I do not breathe,
If there is but a
Lump of dead,
In my bed,
She will
Go away.

Copyright Denise A White

Winter's Embracement

As the season changes and the days get brighter,
We look out our windows with hope.
The sun invites us to share in a warmth of this season,
While we know in our hearts there's a
Chill in the air.  But we trust in our eyes and our heart
As we hear the voices of our mothers ring clear;
"Put on a coat it is cold out there."

Venturing forth to the snow covered scene
We let its mistress guide us and keep us
Warm.  The sun is our friend after all.  So we
Romp and we played on this cold winter's
Day until we were stopped dead in our tracks.
It must be winter we enjoyed, we embraced.
The smell is so crisp and clean.

Copyright Denise A White

Drops Of Water

I smell like the rain
Hanging on the pine trees needles.
I seem fresh as the drops
Of water holding onto the deck rail.
I will just listen and not disturb,
Normalcy and balance have returned.

Copyright Denise A White

27 September, 2013

Times of Peace

Walk through the colors of the falling woods.
See how its leavings make no sound
As they drift on the breeze to the
Ground-rising up with green
Moss to greet them.

Walk through the colors of the falling woods.
See how the wooly caterpillars make their
Way, slowly over its leavings, making
No sound-showing their colors to
Predict the next season.

Walk through the colors of the falling woods
See how quiet sounds, when your shoes
Fall on cushions of leaves, making a
Mind calm, anxieties disappear,
And letting in peace.

Copyright Denise A White

21 September, 2013


Through the haze of yet another discussion,
Through the minefield of blown up words,
Arises yet another chapter of living, or of
Dying, depending on where you lay.

The smoke is thick from the burning leaves,
The beauty of fall will soon be nothing,
Making way for another page in your book,
The last, perhaps.

Accepting the inevitable you can clearly see,
Life does go on, though changes now abound,
This chapter of change is a test of your life,
This page may become a first.

Copyright Denise A White
September 20, 2013

30 August, 2013

Broken Hearts

This disease, so hidden from eyes,
Lies in wait, it knows no time.
Bite by bite it eats away,
Until you're as low as
Low can be.

Then the trigger is pulled
It waits no more and
Trained eyes see.
You're as high
As high can be.

Over and over the cycle goes
Until one day it seems
To be under control.

It took the better part of your life
You now look around and find
Two broken hearts on the ground.

Copyright Denise A White

27 August, 2013

Colors Of My Life

Colors, like Mexican pottery in roadside stands,
Float through my head,
Swirling and dancing, alive
With the night's smells.
I am happy.

Chili makes me laugh out loud for no reason,
Mustard makes me dance, and
Avocado makes me sing.
And I eat of the fruit,
And the hot spicy foods,
Until I'm worn.

The pots become shards
of clay in the day's light.

copyright Denise A White

22 June, 2013

An Island

You are but an island,
untrammeled, left to enter
the own resources of your mind.

You are but  an island,
full-blown, amassed with
excessive knowledge in your mind.

You are but an island,
uninhabited, seeded with
overgrown thoughts on your mind.

You are but an island.

copyright Denise A White 6/22/2013

20 June, 2013


She stands there dressed in a linen
Blouse, tangerine scarf, white slacks
With a matching belt, and sandals;
Somewhat fancy, somewhat functional.

She tells you she is full of high anxiety, almost manic.
You don't see it.

She always comes composed, well dressed, and calm,
Yet with an uneasy feeling.  There is nothing more you can do.
No more meds, no more tweaks, nothing.
So you send her on her way, alone, to another.

He is a holistic doctor and maybe he can get to the bottom of it,

The move seems to be good.  Too soon he retires; at 76 that is okay.                                                      

She is sent on her way, alone, to another;
Another new doctor, no,  a pill pusher.

Going backwards, being composed, take meds on time,
Dress and smile.

Copyright Denise A White 6/21/2013

10 May, 2013


I stand facing you, tormented
with a cloak of secrecy.
Blankly I stare, with a
cluttered mind.

You wonder where I have gone,
so quiet the conversation has
turned.  Perhaps I didn't
hear the question, so
you ask again and
reality once again
connects to the
tangle in my

I answer and everything to you is normal again.
It was just a brain lapse, we all have them, you rationalize.

My cloak of secrecy begins to
unravel and what you see
causes you consternation.
I seem to be not whom
I seem to be.

There is angst on my face, from
where it comes you have no
clue.  Then I instigate a
verbal spar with you,
while I watch from

You don't understand, but
things are as they are-

Beyond the outside.

copyright d.a.white 5/10/2013

26 April, 2013


Fiery amorous strokes
sent scents
through gasps of 

-copywrite d.a.white

The Haircut

Optimistically entering the salon,
Forcefully, heated, aqua attacking the strands,
Then she  sits.

Like a sheep, she waits.

Shearer's cliipper has a
sound, like a wall of mosquitos.
Then nothing.

She waits for the bite but feels nothing.

The shearer uses the shears and gets paid.

Alice looks in the looking glass.

She cries Help.

-copyright Denise A White

06 April, 2013

Moon's Song

I will step on the moon
gliding smoothly toward you.

Though distance may part us,
the moon still unites us.
When once again on the moon,
I come home to you.

It seems as if time stood still
when we parted.

And I send you my love on the moon.

And I give you my love on the moon.

copyright Denise A White 4/2013

12 March, 2013

Cloud Walker

Dreamt of sailing, far,
Far away, over the
Stone wall that is
obstructing the

Now caught the jet stream,
up and over the wall,
Floating like a hot
air balloon, free
of all.

Copyright Denise A White

12 February, 2013

Beyond The Horizon

Yesterday's  a moment,
     In someone's dream;
Yesterday's a memory,
     In my dream.

Where do you go to
     Upon my rest?
Where do you go to
     So swiftly past?
 Beyond the horizon
     Into the sunset.

copywrited by d.a.white 2/12/2013

08 February, 2013


While you were long gone,
     the chickadee hid its song.
         Life's meaning was found-

In the dropping tear,
     a lessening of the fear.
          Soon you would be near.

Copyright-Denise A White