11 February, 2017

Make Memories

In the twinkle of the eyes,
or the smile that shines,
moments are captured
in memories.

Give me your face and I'll give my love.

Copyright Denise A White 

10 February, 2017

The Longing

Twenty years, twenty, more or less,
I lay beside you, and
inhaled your sweet breath.

It filled my lungs, like an
ocean breeze, and
rocked me into sleep,

Through many elations and valleys
my longing grew, like an
itch that can't be stopped.

This desire with not fade away, 
as distance and hours
try to be obstacles in my path.

I know I will forever long for you.

Copyright Denise A White

09 February, 2017

Fast Track

The rain crawled inside my skin,
pebbles appeared on the forearm,
distress was the reward.

The rain crawled, crawled,
head was like an out-of-control train
a disaster lurched at every bend.

Concentration was lost in the wind
as a child dreams of summer vacation,
the desk had had a tornado.

Mouth spits forth a conversation, 
out of controlled thoughts run on into the air
visiting the world.

On the brink of doing harm,
all that was to be made-
the decision.

A racing mind has caused the end.

Copyright Denise A White 

06 February, 2017

Infinite Possibilities

Change, a life constant,
presents infinite possibilities.
Doors open, doors close;
a wide smile, a quicken step,
a tear running down the cheeks.
Anxious with fear of the unknowns

New home
too much or too little
who comes out the house next door
friends are few, most life behind
chances for a fresh start
venture forth

Reinvent yourself,
be anything you want to be:
introvert, extrovert or something in between
go slowly or head right on in
people will see what they see -
be then be

Infinite possibilities, be true.

Copyright Denise A White