26 February, 2016

Affair: Lies In Th Night (haiku)

Lying bed fellows
Return, three o'clock waiting
Sweet dreams darling

Copyright Denise A White

22 February, 2016

3:00 am

Use to be I would wake at 3:00 am
And you would be by my side.
I would gently wake you, and tell you
The time. You would smile.

Now I wake at 3:00 am
And I am alone.
It is cold and all is not well.
The time makes me cry.

I am alone. And I am sad at 3:00 am
You are alone and sleep.
Our time is no more than just that,
The time.

Copyright Denise A White

14 February, 2016

My Valentine

My Valentine

Very alluring,
Always pretty,
Lovely human being.
Enduring life's trials,
Never a whimper, always
True to the core.
Intriguing language,
Nice to one and all,
Enveloping a graceful stance.

Copyright Denise A White

03 February, 2016


Quietness, meditation
Focusing mind.
Attentiveness abounds.

The cane basket's story
Comes creeping.
Concentrate and it flows.

Revealed words wait
On page.

Wrapped form
Listen, block
Outside noise.

Stillness abounds.

Copyright Denise A White