21 August, 2012

Threaded Mind

A threaded
Pattern in your
Mind becoming
Your burden to bear,
Has  a tangle of lows,
And  a tangle of highs.
It has a name, manic-depression.

You live high,
Running on eight
Cylinders. Mania is
Such a delight.  You
Dive deep, the cylinders
Clogged, drowning in depression.

You live steady in fear of the threaded pattern in your mind.

Fear gives an energy
To what now is also your
Fate; burdened with this tangle of
Threads.  But you fight for life, the  circle
Of light and dark, of  a manic- depressive  head.

Copyright Denise A White

19 August, 2012

Lost At Sea

Lost, in the sea,
Self-destruction, its name.
Your motor churn up your leavings
As the sea rolls closer to shore.

A voice from the rocky cliffs ahead
Sings clearly to the lost rolling in,
When you crash, I am here and will gather
Your leavings that churned up in the sea.

Not once this will happen
Or even twice, but
Come when you least notice.
The wave will go silent and all will be right.

I'll have your leavings, that were lost in the sea
It had a name, self- destruction 
Now the sea's name is

Copyright Denise A White  08/19/2012 (revised 6/21/2013)

written for Deb and all who understand