28 February, 2014


In times of laughter
Travel to,
Travel to,
Your friendship place.

It can be anywhere
Or nowhere,
Or nowhere,
Your comfort place.

The travel of friends
Is always,
Is always,
Your safe place.

Be sure to always
Take time,
Take time,
To travel there.

Copyright Denise A White

01 February, 2014

Spring Creek Awakens

Spring creek, rushing
With the days runoff, carrying
Its rubble, crashing
Into its banks

Tangling with the roots planted there.

Tree roots, growing
With the days rain, carrying
Its life force, rising
Into its branchlets

Tangling with the buds springing forth there.

Night sleep, resting
With the days exercise, agitating
Its host, waking
Into stupor

Tangling with the dreams haphazardly placed there.

Copyright Denise A White