30 March, 2016

Life Unto Death (Haiku)

Float along the waves
I rock and roll with the tide
Dream my life away

Copyright Denise A White

27 March, 2016

Life Unto Death

I could lay upon
The sun's beam
Float along the waves
Illuminated in the light
Dream my life away.

In the sunset of my life
As the beam is forever gold
I rock and roll with the tide
Pulling me closer to my home.

Caught between the waiting shore
And where the sun's no longer seen
I'll rest until the calm turns around,
The sun then turned to stars
I will no longer by your eyes be found.

Copyright Denise A White

18 March, 2016

In The Dark

I see with my ears.
I hear with my eyes.
I speak with my actions.
I touch with my heart.

In the dark.

Copyright Denise A White

12 March, 2016

The Evening

The air space is quiet now
Noise came and went
An introverted sigh is hear
As no sound emerges
From any voice

Recharging the batteries
Reading, writing, or watching TV
Silence reigns throughout
The cats are content 
The dog snores

Life is good now
Life is good

Copyright Denise A White

Silence Broken

A burden, a secret
Of the family kind,
Taught well by their values.
Today it is broken.

Sitting with your parents
Looking them straight in the eye,
You tell your secret
That no one wants to speak of.

Silence means it does not exist.

Bipolar disorder, 
Now the words are said.
Telling them, questioning them
About your past.

Family secrets are now one on one.
No denying any more, you say.
But no one really listens,
It's swept under the rug.

Silence means it does not exist.

Copyright Denise A White