26 August, 2017

Darkness In Light

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Darkness In Light

The downward facing
forest shadows,
light at the end of daylight
creeping toward
endless cycle

Tunnel of lights
under the mountain
blasted away
savior at days end
darkness turns to light

At the passing of hands of the clock light's glint rises again.

13 August, 2017

Home Place

Home Place

Washed over with the sun in the east,
the sleep in my eyes,
the cats meow,
early riser

Fragrant cup with a white swirl
passes my smile, and tongue
slowly runs down,
a child on a slide

Advanced age, and health
drowns me in pills,
eggs, bacon, juice

Gray pajamas, color of skin
shuffle through wee hours,
puzzle, pen, white out
favorite wicker chair

My home place, my first place to go.

© right now, Denise A White  

11 August, 2017



Lay hands on djembe's head,
palm beat and finger taps
sing the song of the land

Hands listen with the driving pulse
as their blood is pumped
taken on the journey with the drum

The circle of drummers widens,
voices join the song,
hands beat out the tale

The women are the pulse of the earth.

09 August, 2017


My eyes-
my ears-
heard my voice
in the night

He reached-
he held-
precipitous stillness
from me

My ears saw,
my eyes heard,
in the darkness
no hand seen

I yelled-
I struggled-
no waking
from this ghoulish sleep

Light came on
me, on the phone
screamed out-

Created a silhouette in the night.

05 August, 2017

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

Look down, the ocean below
vertigo raises its spin
shades of blue, crashes white

Coloration of turbulence
formation of cliffs,
sirens call by rocky cove

Tide, rising over sculpted crags,
Skulls of years
remind us of long passed, not, my past

Teetering on the edge of imminent death
pulled back
not today's solution

Left to wander through the far reaches of ragged details.