26 December, 2016

Desert Tomorrow

Desert Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a blue day.
Cactus will be ablaze
under a flaming sun.
Mountains with shadowed
valleys will be lighted
by flowers of spring.

Lingering, I will be filled.

© right now, Denise A White

25 December, 2016


Touch my beating chest.
Say you love me in all ways.
Come to me again.

Black Hole

Nature spilled her grief tonight,
giant, wet, and cold.
Earth's babies hid.
My shoes left an indent in her skin,
and a part of her came home with me.

I tried to leave her at the door,
I tried to shake her off,
as she clung with drops,
and kept raging in
my head.

Try as I must to shut her off
she twisted my every cell,
and the black hole
dug deep into
my core.

I disappeared into no more.

Copyright Denise A White

01 December, 2016

Quiet Time

Morning is the place I go when
silence settles like the first snowflake
on the still green grass that breaks
its fall.

In the mind's eye I hear
its deafening fall,
a shroud of quiet surrounds me
and lends a sense of well-being.

In this moment the world is new,
there is no disturbance
to affect the delicate senses
of my mind.

Quiet time Is my third place; solitude is my home.

Copyright Denise A White

25 November, 2016

Winter Came Today

Winter came today
geese flew in formation
a salutation to the storm
brewing in the southwest

A white out, blizzard
not because of the light snow
but winds gusted to pick it from the ground
covered birch, oak, pine branches, caused drifts

Windswept with white paint
the landscape a silent vision
went undisturbed in twilight hours
a testimonial to the truth of the north

We came over the horizon and wept.

Copyright Denise A White

19 November, 2016

Frozen In Time

Wind running its fingers
around me,
through me,
under me.

I feel an infinity for its' breadth.

The chill sends pebbbles
through my skin,
up my spine,
to my toes.

I find solace in her natural energy.

Whipping snow everywhere,
blinding my eyes,
until large droplets run freely
down my cheek,

I shiver at the sharpness of her tongue.

Allowed to expierence
this force of nature,
upon my inner sanctum,
I stand frozen in time.

I bend to her will.

Copyright Denise A White

12 November, 2016


Scramble up the rocks
to get an informed view,
chaos happens below.

The butterfly effect
determines how they
will act in this crisis.

Stimulated by actions outside
their realm of experience
the riots will begin.

No one has the answers to thousands
combing these street with shouts,
bats, and signs.

Society will not endure this, this time,
as dark ages have returned,
spark of life has gone out.

Hope has vanished, replaced by fear.

Copyright Denise A White

11 November, 2016

Election Answer

Sun came up as usual today,
but it felt different somehow.
I felt different somehow.

Progress has different connotations
for each plant member.
Today it felt defeated.

Step back and redo yesterday,
was not an option, not today.
The consequences are not easy.

Four years can be a long time.

Copyright by Denise A White

01 November, 2016


Home is physically found
in places of the heart.
Let love in, and
always wil have a place
to reside in all ways.

Our family resides within.

Map placement is not the key,
because a house is not a
house when it becomes a
home of two.

Settle in to a new house, but
never forget the home;
dance with joy at the home
of intimacy that resides

Always is your family now,
happiness is what
brought you together
In all ways.

We take care of the new home.

Your caring is your birth family,
my caring is you.
Walk with me in a
new light.
Carry me home.

Copyright Denise A White


Words are twenty-six letters
in readable form.
They are you favorite
storybook of old.

Words change but
twenty-six letters remain.
Collect them, place them
on a page.

Soon they will blossom
into poetic form,
leaving a joyful

So many words become
a manuscript
waiting the bind
into a book.

Copyright Denise A White

24 October, 2016

4:35 am

Sleep the sleep
of the walking dead;
soundless feet creep around
the unmade restless place,

rumpled and warm.

In the dream
of the terrified human;
abnormal breath is rattled
answer by train's whistle,

blaring on demand.

Every day awake, accentuated by the sleeplessness of the night.

08 October, 2016

Same Tracks

Across the vast prairies,
on your way to somewhere,
varied as the engine
varied as the caboose.

Choosing to be you,
when others act like lemmings,
puts you on the same
track as me, only in different places.

As different as the cars
heading to their destinations,
we are pulled
by common links.

There will be no bigotry
whether behind
or in the front, we all
will work together.

Look me in my eyes and see.

Copyright Denise A White

05 October, 2016

Nature's Transformation

Your left over rays
ignited pin points of leafage.
Like a forest set ablaze,
you came roaring in crimson.

Joyous chroma
envelopes my senses.
Stand in silent
wonderment, lost in your arms-

As the night wind goes
so I stand on colorous feathered ground.
In the first light
you have arrived cold and uninvited.

Keleidoscopic hues
now lay down as a monochromatic gray.
Like a used sponge
I tumble to the ground as the trees have wept.

A stunted season now transformed.

24 September, 2016


Rays of sunshine
caress your droopy breasts.
Awed by your advanced curves,
I am overwhelmed, and amazed by my love.

Copyright Denise A White


A tongue cuts
the air as if it were
a butter knife,
stroking out the words,
leaving confusion
in its path.

An illusion spreads
a murky illumination of the
meaning of words
that tumble forth across
the frozen

Amazed by the gentle
way the words are presented,
yet confused
by the bitter taste that
is left on the

I will put them together and cry.

Copyright Denise A White

Beat of Life

Adventure is like the wind
running its fingers
through your

Music is like the sun
licking its rays
across your

An adventure without music
is a story without
a punch

Life is an adventure with a beat.

17 September, 2016


Being swept away,
in the arms of late summer,
we will learn to dance
with the wind.

In the sunshine of our lives.

Copyright Denise A White

07 September, 2016

Haiku Story

The words came slowly
Dangling swing conversations
Long unspoken words

If I told you how
Resonates an untoward story
Your status forbids

Speak assuredly
Without regret I will try
Conversation rests

Copyright Denise A White

06 September, 2016


Problem solving light
Knowledge the equalizer
Respect comes in coins

Copyright Denise A White

01 September, 2016

Societal Rewards

Problem solving light
Knowledge the equalizer
Respect comes in coins

Copyright Denise A White

30 August, 2016

Pleading Eyes

Touch of hands
like a pillow top
Stroke the palm line
tells the story true

Years melt, the song fades

Too long
when the day was gray
When a simple yes
would do

The question hung in the air

Another day
emotions deep
Eyes plead for a word
while clueless, truth

Please ask, I will stay.

14 August, 2016


Did a petal ever fall
without a drop of dew
The cheek as frigid
as the mountain air,
and the brush of the wave
turned you blue.

Lost between the I's and you's
that one word of regret
The back as rigid as the floor
breaks within a stare,
as venomous lips part
words split my golden hairs.

Once the sunshine true.

Copyright Denise A White

09 August, 2016

Life Season (Haiku)

Life is worth living
There is first dawn on the tree
Summertime in love

Copyright Denise A White

29 July, 2016

The Walk Away From My Life

The important question
was suspended in the air.
I had given my heart
you gave me nothing but tears;
you were ready to walk away.

You never said yes,
you never said no.
I was willing to give you my life
you gave me nothing;
now I must walk away, too.

I'll shed a tear or two
for what could have been.
I'll leave you, my heartbreaker,
the distance grows long now.
A new chapter of my life has begun.

Copyright Denise A White

19 July, 2016


Tears welded
not knowing where to run.
Held back
until they broke forth
in rivulets
silently stealing away.

Tide swelled
with each crashing wave.
The rhythm
so alluring to the heart-
beating hard
as the water washed away at the sores.

Water ran
back to the sea, back to
the beginning.
Time washed away the tears
as the pull
of the moon changed the course of life.

There was no where to run to to hide.

16 July, 2016

Travelers Morning
Low is the tide in the bay
Come, rest for awhile

Copyright Denise A White

09 July, 2016

Five Stanzas For Five Shots

A busted tail light
A car made on the radio
Many traffic citations
Identified again

A question asked
Produce a license, a registration
Previously placed in a pocket
with a gun in the way.

The permit had been issued
Carrying legally it said
A graceful hand on the pocket
One loud moment rang out

Reality struck again and again.
Red quickly colored a shirt.
A fearful baby cried,
as a pretty woman did pray.

Justifiable homicide reigns no more, a good man is dead.

Copyright Denise A White

05 July, 2016


"You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories."-Garrison Keillor

I tried to answer
the lines on your face.
Deep, furrows of doubt
met my words.

I had no explanation,
no words of wisdom, this time,
that would appease your questioning,
black eyes.

I knew you looked to me,
older and more experienced,
with the ways of the world and
I was sorry.

I was sorry I only had a story
to relate to the hurt that was on your face.
It was old and I had told it many, many times over.
I hoped for the message to shine through.

I told the story
of the young at heart.
Your face relaxed, your eyes smiled.
I knew, then, I did have an answer.

The answer was laid down in the story of life.

Copyright Denise A White

04 July, 2016


Silence takes its place
in a still instance,
when the peepers
chirps abate.

It is one o'clock
silence reigns
until a train whistles
its way into a car's path.

A deeper understanding
of self comes
with the stillness
of silence.

Rattled brain
is freed,
when the sounds stop
and the unquiet air is silent.

Find that place and silence washes all away.

Copyright Denise A White

23 June, 2016

Morning Light

So tired,
to the morning light.
through sheer curtains.
Eyes open,
life is good.

Copyright Denise A White

20 June, 2016

Nineteen Sixty-six

Young, we were
just a start,
beginning our life

Some married
right away,
some went to college,
while others went to

In nineteen seven-six
we established ourselves
at work
we were coming of age.

Ten, twenty years later
thirty it had been,
children were well on their
way, alone we would

Turned, the century was new
and we had entered our fifties.
Counting now we could see
retirement coming.

In two-thousand sixteen
our lives took on a mission,
we would return to our roots
and join once again in

Older now,
wisdom of age took over.
We saw ourselves as we were and are,
and joyously we remembered.

Copyright Denise A White

On the reunion of the class of 1966 in 2016.

19 June, 2016


Home is found in love,
not in a city,
not a state,
not in any country.

When you open your heart
you invite love in,
you make a place
for always to live in all ways.

Not city or state, foreign or near
can change the way
you will live.
Harmony will be yours-

Wherever you go; carried in your heart.

Copyright Denise A White

14 June, 2016

I Cry For You

All you wanted was to dance,
To show your moves,
To find your footing,
In life.

All you wanted was to relax,
To have your drink,
To find your place,
In life.

All you wanted was to love,
To be the you, that you were,
To find your peace,
In life.

But, you had to find it in death.

Copyright Denise A White

11 June, 2016


Unveil the beauty of today.
Reach out to the sunshine
or the rain

Embrace the beauty of life.
Reach out to the power of a smile
or a kind word.

Release the past anger.
Wrap yourself in the coat
of love.

Happiness is found in living today.

Copyright Denise A White

05 June, 2016

The Struggle

A gorgeous day
I do chores,
Too motivated
To sit on deck

Stay focused on the task.
No, sit in the sun,
Read your paper,
Much more to enjoy

Just do it!
You only get one shot at today.
Don't have regrets tomorrow.
Okay, logic and heart's voices

Have merged.

Ah, that's just the way life goes.

Copyright Denise A White

P.S. I edited poetry for my 3rd book. A good mix of pleasurable "chores."

30 May, 2016

Warm Like Toast

Buds popped,
the sweet smell
of spring is in the air.
Lover's entwined,
it feels warm like a quilt.

Forest green
leaves swayed,
as a cool breeze blew above.
Sun's ray,
it feels warm like fresh milk.

Rain caresses
gently down my cheeks,
like a fingertip strokes the hand.
Come now,
It feels like warm toast.

Copyright Denise A White

14 May, 2016

Even When (Haikus)

Phone calls in the night
Scare me even when I wake
Ring tones are a must

Train whistle at night
Wakes me in a crazy dream
Even when I have plugs

Even when we cuddle
I break out in a cold sweat
You, my protector

Even when I deep sleep
Even when I know it's not real
Even when my heart stops

02 May, 2016

Come In

Sitting in your car
you brood over
going in,
Your heaving chest tells you,
later, later but,
your head
says go.

I crave your touch.
I wonder if
Little did I realize
that you were
outside my

30 April, 2016

Moon's Purpose

I will send you my love on the moon.
Be it crescent, gibbous, or full,
I will slide over it's curves,
into your awaiting arms.

I will send you my love on the moon.
As I gaze upon its face,
I will love you always
In all ways.

Copyright Denise A White

25 April, 2016

Cyclic Phenomenon

The wind from
dark, black clouds
kills the blue, blue sky.

The ominous thunderheads
drop the destructive vortex, that spins
like my violent, uncontrolled, tornadic actions.

Quietly the wind lifts the silent
dead sounds of the tornado's end.
Like the cat creeps, I move into a catatonic state.

Copyright Denise A White

21 April, 2016

Shattered Glass

Tinkle, as I fell to the floor
like shattered glass I came apart.
Pieces lay in a chaotic state, like
a jigsaw puzzle dumped
out of its box.

Visible were the colorful days.
Visible were the gray nights.

Sorting, sorting to make sense,
trying to find the straight edges, that made me.
Turning gray ones to color finding how I fit,
as if they were a magical solution,
as if I lived.

Slowly my blue color dictated.
Slowly my red disappeared.

Shattered and broken
like so many families torn from their roots.
They were crushed by the mental disorder,
frustrated, trying to see a picture.
One lost piece is not found.

Glass can be super glued.
Glass will still show cracks.

Copyright Denise AWhite

18 April, 2016

Missing You

In the nights of the gibbous moon,
Laying awake under cool sheets,
I gaze out the skylight
And see a star man.

The constellation, Orion with his sword,
Stands tall to protect his Cassiopeia.
Emptiness as I turn left
An image emerges.

Constellations are constant
Under the gibbous moon.
You are a mirage, until
You return.

Copyright Denise A White

New Day

Spring on your lips
Touch mine like dew
On the early morning lawns,
Opens our hearts with the freshness
Of a new day.

Walk in the sunshine with me
Or walk in the gentle rain,
Sing the song of the cardinal
Sweet beauty brings love to our hearts
On a new day.

On a new day.

30 March, 2016

Life Unto Death (Haiku)

Float along the waves
I rock and roll with the tide
Dream my life away

Copyright Denise A White

27 March, 2016

Life Unto Death

I could lay upon
The sun's beam
Float along the waves
Illuminated in the light
Dream my life away.

In the sunset of my life
As the beam is forever gold
I rock and roll with the tide
Pulling me closer to my home.

Caught between the waiting shore
And where the sun's no longer seen
I'll rest until the calm turns around,
The sun then turned to stars
I will no longer by your eyes be found.

Copyright Denise A White

18 March, 2016

In The Dark

I see with my ears.
I hear with my eyes.
I speak with my actions.
I touch with my heart.

In the dark.

Copyright Denise A White

12 March, 2016

The Evening

The air space is quiet now
Noise came and went
An introverted sigh is hear
As no sound emerges
From any voice

Recharging the batteries
Reading, writing, or watching TV
Silence reigns throughout
The cats are content 
The dog snores

Life is good now
Life is good

Copyright Denise A White

Silence Broken

A burden, a secret
Of the family kind,
Taught well by their values.
Today it is broken.

Sitting with your parents
Looking them straight in the eye,
You tell your secret
That no one wants to speak of.

Silence means it does not exist.

Bipolar disorder, 
Now the words are said.
Telling them, questioning them
About your past.

Family secrets are now one on one.
No denying any more, you say.
But no one really listens,
It's swept under the rug.

Silence means it does not exist.

Copyright Denise A White

26 February, 2016

Affair: Lies In Th Night (haiku)

Lying bed fellows
Return, three o'clock waiting
Sweet dreams darling

Copyright Denise A White

22 February, 2016

3:00 am

Use to be I would wake at 3:00 am
And you would be by my side.
I would gently wake you, and tell you
The time. You would smile.

Now I wake at 3:00 am
And I am alone.
It is cold and all is not well.
The time makes me cry.

I am alone. And I am sad at 3:00 am
You are alone and sleep.
Our time is no more than just that,
The time.

Copyright Denise A White

14 February, 2016

My Valentine

My Valentine

Very alluring,
Always pretty,
Lovely human being.
Enduring life's trials,
Never a whimper, always
True to the core.
Intriguing language,
Nice to one and all,
Enveloping a graceful stance.

Copyright Denise A White

03 February, 2016


Quietness, meditation
Focusing mind.
Attentiveness abounds.

The cane basket's story
Comes creeping.
Concentrate and it flows.

Revealed words wait
On page.

Wrapped form
Listen, block
Outside noise.

Stillness abounds.

Copyright Denise A White

29 January, 2016

At Old Age

Smell the earth
In the stormy wind
Fragrance of tilled ground

See the flight
Of geese overhead
Land provides their haven

Taste the air
So vibrant and fresh
Cumulus clouds afloat
Trees. Of Old-photo by Denise A White

Hear the engines
Tractors throaty roar
Stalks spill their food

Senses tell a story
Older than edgy rocks
Years go melting away

Copyright Denise A White

18 January, 2016

The Corner

A wood door with an old-fashioned iron handle,
The kind you press the release with your thumb,
Is open.
Someone took the flowered carpet up
Exposing unblemished wood floors.
There is a window, twelve panes, but
It doesn't invite you to look out.
Cloudy white light barely spreads the wood floors.
It is in this empty corner, by the window I stand.

Someones brings me a green chair, it matches my shoes.
It is the only color in the room.
I place it by the murky window and pretend to look out.
Silent with my memories, they can't get me to talk.
So they leave, closing the door and I am left with my thoughts
As I try to look out the window,
I sit in the chair, in the corner of the room.

Copyright Denise A White

14 January, 2016


Why it comes, we do not know-
Yet in our heart be glad,
For if it were not so
Another fate was had.

Copyright Denise A White
On The Horizon
Photo by Denise A White

12 January, 2016

The Rocker

Curved arms,
Peeling paint,
Once held grandfather.
He sat next to her
In the bright white Adirondack chair.
He rocked back and forth to
Her chit chat-

"The bird bath needed water,
The grass was too long,
Her iced tea glass was empty."

Grandfather listened and rocked.

The chairs sit still now
In the back yard, but
If you listen  when
The light breeze blows
You will hear
The rhythm of a rocker
Keeping the beat
As the chit chat rolls on.

Denise A White

09 January, 2016

Dances In The Sky

The evening sun set
Projecting a variegated array of hues
Dancing across the evening sky

Copyright Denise White
Stripes of Color
photo by Denise A White


Sleep is but a few steps away
Take them,
The world will still be here

Copyright Denise A White
American Will Be Here
photo by Denise A White

It Matters (Haiku)

Once the sparrows fly
You can not take the words back
They are forever

Copyright Denise A White
Photo by Denise A White

08 January, 2016


                                                                      Fire by Denise A White

Blacken earth
Beneath a vicious sky
The Pheonix emerges
Fire spreads
Cactus shrivel
The awakening begins.

Yellows, oranges, reds, emerge
An inferno of color
Threatening to push out
The blue sky.

Where did you go when the
Earth turned black, to ashes
My love
Fire burns the eyes
Fire burns the heart.
The Pheonix triumphs.

Copyright Denise A White

06 January, 2016

The Birth Day Haiku

Glorious dawning
Delicate, rare, pink flower
One day; forever


copyright Denise A White

04 January, 2016

The Music Piece

Fingers danced like a skater on ice
The trace of each velvet note.
The melody eased forth on sine waves in the air.
Ivory silk like a bride's wedding dress.

Hand in hand like a linked chain
Glide on the floor.
Traced the music, carving figure eights.
Stepped like puppets on strings.

Music to dancers like dancers to music
Senses exploded like July fireworks.
The essence of two
Captured for eternity like crystalize ice.

Copyright Denise A White

                                                                                    Sunrise Over Ice -  photo by Denise A White

03 January, 2016

Attend To Your Senses

When time repeats
Stop, listen, be still
Do your heart's will

Copyright Denise A White

02 January, 2016

Life Is A Dream

Time spent
Cardinal sings clearly
Starring out
A blue and white day

In the dream of someone else

Trapped inside
Red-tailed Hawk screeches piercingly
Thoughts race
Night comes soon

In the dream of someone else

Released energy
Blue Jay's shrillness hurts
Home free
Afternoon sun warms

Freed of the dream, sleep comes

Copyright Denise A White

01 January, 2016

Stillness; reflection
Timed to attentiveness
Memories flood back

Copyright Denise A White