30 August, 2013

Broken Hearts

This disease, so hidden from eyes,
Lies in wait, it knows no time.
Bite by bite it eats away,
Until you're as low as
Low can be.

Then the trigger is pulled
It waits no more and
Trained eyes see.
You're as high
As high can be.

Over and over the cycle goes
Until one day it seems
To be under control.

It took the better part of your life
You now look around and find
Two broken hearts on the ground.

Copyright Denise A White

27 August, 2013

Colors Of My Life

Colors, like Mexican pottery in roadside stands,
Float through my head,
Swirling and dancing, alive
With the night's smells.
I am happy.

Chili makes me laugh out loud for no reason,
Mustard makes me dance, and
Avocado makes me sing.
And I eat of the fruit,
And the hot spicy foods,
Until I'm worn.

The pots become shards
of clay in the day's light.

copyright Denise A White