31 December, 2010


Satisfaction overflows
my mind with wondrous words.
Words written time after time,
with love, and loss, and joy!

Overwhelmed am I on this day
with words jumping like beans
in my head, waiting to be read.
They correct, punctuate each sentence
with great choice, and truth, these
words for you, and you, and you.

Oh, I wish you to read them now,
but they will have to wait, for I
know not when I'll get to sign the
paper that says they are great.

Be it soon.-daw

27 December, 2010

An Aubade of Love

Like the delicate parts
of the budding flower at dawn,
you flow like the dew that drips
from the pines, touching
the waiting, grass

Like the quivering flower
in the breeze, so
does your skin
pebble at a

Light falls gently,
now gracefully highlighting
the subtle curves of the flower,
and you both devour
the warmth given
freely by its

20 December, 2010

Hat Daze: Anywhere

Hat Daze: Anywhere


Sleep eludes me now.
Try putting on a nightcap.
Canvas is complete.-daw

written without a hat; not good; put that hat on!  get a good hat daze going today! OK.

10 December, 2010

A Man

Hugging the man tells,
Stories of old wars and girls;
Love like a spring day.-daw

08 December, 2010


Purple cloudy night,
         Brought by lover's sunlit light,
                      Embracing autumn.