30 November, 2011

Desert Sunset

The small beam spread
setting with a conflagration
of color as I eyed it through a lens.

The scope of color
swept the western sky like wildfire,
and I stood in awe as the land blackened.

Mother Nature put on a show
for the lensman that night, as a burst of light
and I , in my stillness, captured that moment for eternity, to feel.

Copyright Denise A White

18 November, 2011

Dream Tomorrow

Sleep is but a few steps away
so take them, the world
will still be here tomorrow.

In a dream today was our
thoughts of sleep, and memory
became today's dream of tomorrow.

Dream we shall when we take
those steps and awaken
we must to tonight's dream of tomorrow.

There still we are met with a world
that we dreamed
because of the first step tomorrow.

Copyright Denise A White

16 November, 2011


The day sprang forth
With a burst of yellow,
Filling my eyes with a
Promising warmth to follow.
Trying with an equal force,
Shotting sensors through
My body.

So I never skipped
A beat, but went forth
Seeking warmth and truth.
The promise of a warm
Filled day, leaving
Sunshine on
My face.

Copyright Denise A White

12 November, 2011

The Canvas: My Face

Paint across the canvas lines,
is like moon's reflection
of sunset's light,
for what you see is
colored only by
what has come 

to be,

and what lie is told
is what you came to see.

Copyright Denise A White 2012