26 December, 2016

Desert Tomorrow

Desert Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a blue day.
Cactus will be ablaze
under a flaming sun.
Mountains with shadowed
valleys will be lighted
by flowers of spring.

Lingering, I will be filled.

© right now, Denise A White

25 December, 2016


Touch my beating chest.
Say you love me in all ways.
Come to me again.

Black Hole

Nature spilled her grief tonight,
giant, wet, and cold.
Earth's babies hid.
My shoes left an indent in her skin,
and a part of her came home with me.

I tried to leave her at the door,
I tried to shake her off,
as she clung with drops,
and kept raging in
my head.

Try as I must to shut her off
she twisted my every cell,
and the black hole
dug deep into
my core.

I disappeared into no more.

Copyright Denise A White

01 December, 2016

Quiet Time

Morning is the place I go when
silence settles like the first snowflake
on the still green grass that breaks
its fall.

In the mind's eye I hear
its deafening fall,
a shroud of quiet surrounds me
and lends a sense of well-being.

In this moment the world is new,
there is no disturbance
to affect the delicate senses
of my mind.

Quiet time Is my third place; solitude is my home.

Copyright Denise A White