28 July, 2015


The air surrounds me
Like a bog shrouded in fog.
Air's dew, clammy skin.

Copyright Denise A White

25 July, 2015

Oranges In The Sky

The pallor of illness
Shines through your feverish
Reflection of the sun
Bursting on the horizon to
Journey through
The night as I revolve around you.

Like heat lightning
Breaking through  the black horizon
You are still aglow
Striking out now with a burst
But there is no sound
Just the angry orange ring around

Your face as it settles into a line of darkness.

03 July, 2015

A Cry in the Night

Thrashing, kicking, calling
Out for help-

Falling into a bottomless pit
Landing in the middle of a nightmare

Way out, there is a way out-

Reach for the phone
Automatically dial-
Still not awake.

Help, help, help
A voice answers-

Turn on the light.

Oh, that hurts, but
The nightmare continues.

Calling my name-
Over, over from the phone.

Finally answer with their name,
One last statement-

You're awake-